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    PA - 2 Toddlers Found Alone In Lawrenceville Park

    Uncle of the children said a delivery driver saw the children at the park without an adult and called police. He said when police went to the children's home they found the parents sleeping.

    Uncle of the children said this isn't the first time the children have been found wandering alone. Children and Youth Services are investigating


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    good for that delivery driver!

    those parents should consider themselves lucky their kids aren't dead, or kidnapped, or raped/trafficked

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    wow, definately warrants a closer look by authorities, especially if its not the first time the kids have been wandering around unsupervised.

    just read OP link, all I can say, thank goodness these little ones are okay!

    snipped from OP link

    Police said they also recovered 24 empty heroin stamp bags.
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