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    So far I am pretty satisfied with the show. As expected, DT is pro KC. The A's are pro KC. That you pretty much have to expect. But they are balancing that with Bondi, with the pics of KC, and with the 'public accusations' the things that the public believes.

    Focus group, I really don't worry about too much. A... the main discussion of the focus group seems to have been that the group doesn't believe that the trial can be fair because of what was shown in the media. B.... what is presented to the focus group won't be what is presented to the jury. The prosecution didn't participate, so their theories, their interpetations of the evidence isn't being presented. What and how the evidence is presented and what is emphasisized will count for a lot. C.... There have been other focus groups with other cases. And some of those focus groups have come back with a no conviction. But when the case actually went to trial, the jury convicted. Basically the focus group is only as good as what is presented to it. And the prosecution doesn't participate in the focus group.

    BTW one thing the DT has done that will hurt themselves in public opinion, and with the jury if they use it in trial is the old "no evidence of homicide" because the cause of death can't be determined, and the old "no DNA" found defense. That is actually a double edged sword for the defense. Jury will look at "why isn't there this proof" and the response to that of course is the conditions that the remains were in. Why were the remains in that condition? It didn't help that the parent failed to report the child missing, and what her motivation might have been for that failure to report it to even her parents. That points back to a coverup and if you didn't do a crime you don't need to cover up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaz View Post
    OK.. so who here thinks the defense will be going with an accident defense????
    me thinks it will be a bus driving right at george after watching this evening.

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    Well, Mitzi was right. This "new evidence" that only Local 6 has "uncovered" is the picture Will took of Amy with ICA in the background.

    As a side note: It has been so nice not seeing Cindy run her mouth recently that it hurt to have to listen to her garbage again.
    "Judge, Mr, Ashton is laughing at me..... " ~ Jose Baez, Closing Argument 7/3/11 (Paraphrased, of course!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bia. View Post
    I really wish I didn't watch that.

    My mother and SO, who know nothing about the case, watched it with me and said "she's going to get away with it".

    I'm just so upset by this, especially seeing the videos of Caylee.
    Don't be. It's going to be a little more difficult to convince a jury that it was an accident with computer searches on neck breaking, chloroform, shovel, etc.....oh yeah, and those pesky 31 days.
    My posts are my opinion only.....

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    It was the "She didn't mean to do it, she is young, cute and has a crazy family" so please don't kill her show.

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    This show was like a slap in the face to Caylee and I am SO ANGRY!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RR0004 View Post
    How does someone not mean for their child to die when there's duct tape across the child's mouth?
    Next strategy: She taped herself up and suffocated.

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    No way this focus group heard about the 31 days, the duct tape & laundry bag from the home, and smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car".

    I did feel my heart hit my stomach when they all stood. Then I reminded myself, they heard nothing from the team fighting for justice for Caylee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horace Finklestein View Post
    So how did they end up with a jury consultant??
    my guess is some arrangement... by doing this 48h's

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    Quote Originally Posted by twall View Post
    Has it been stated when jury selection begins? I saw the part where the location of the jury pool has not been announced yet but didn't see anything about when. I haven't been following as closely as some so if it was stated I missed it. Thanks!
    3 weeks from Monday

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    I had contacted the Executive Producer a few days ago and she responded to me, indicating they are professionals and I should watch the show before judging. I just sent this message to her:

    This show is disgusting. You gave your focus group information fed to you by the defense. You should be ashamed to call yourself a professional if this is the filth that you put on the air a month before the trial. If you want to know facts, don't interview the defense and the parents. Again --- Baez will be disbarred, the parents will be prosecuted for obstruction and perjury. Expect your advertisers to be inundated with protests to this show, it was OBSCENE and you have blood on your hands. JUST INCREDIBLY IRRESPONSIBLE REPORTING.

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    Well my opinion of 48 Hours is that the defense scored 0 points!! The part with the mock jury looked as phony as an infomercial!!
    And if I were any member of the defense team or an Anthony-I wouldn't sleep well tonight!!

    "It's time to tell the story of a little girl named Caylee" Linda Drane Burdick
    The future has many names: for the fearful it's the unknown, for the reckless it's the adventure, for the pessimists it's the unattainable. For the brave, it is opportunity.

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    I thought the DNA guy Kobelenski? was out? What's he doing getting face time on 48 Hours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricki View Post
    The real jury will see ALL the evidence. It won't be selected by this jury consultant. The outcome will not be the same as what we just saw. Wasted time!
    His mock jury in the Scott Peterson case ended up with a mistrial. I wonder what his record actually is?

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    The DT and the Anthony's better celebrate THIS acquittal because it is the only one they will see, imo.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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