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    MI - Highland Township- 12 yr old girl commits armed robbery

    WOW!! She stole the gun from a neighbor....

    Sheriff’s deputies say the 9mm handgun was loaded.

    Investigators tell Action News the girl stole the gun from a neighbor who was not at home when the weapon was taken. The young suspect apparently knew where the gun was kept and had a key to the neighbor’s home.

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    Her father says girl did it to get house payment money. I don't believe it but read it for yourself
    She just turned 12 last month


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    Not buying it either. I'm a mile from the store. IMO she's been in need of parental guidance for awhile. I actually feel bad for her that her father is excusing the behavior as a way to get a dig in about the mother. Hopefully this girl will get some of that missing guidance now that she's taken it to this level. That was one loud cry for help. IMO

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    A 12-year-old who tried to rob a Detroit-area market using a loaded gun has been ordered to spend six months in a treatment center for troubled girls.
    Oakland County Family Court Judge Mary Ellen Brennan made the ruling Tuesday. The judge also debunked reports the girl wanted to help her mother pay the mortgage.

    Brennan said to the child: "The truth is you wanted the money to spend on yourself and your friends."

    The girl nodded and said "yes." She also apologized.

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