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    FL - Tylon Tully for child abuse, Lakeland, 2011


    Officers have been investigating Romeo's injuries since they occurred Feb. 9. Police said Tully told officers he was irritated with the child's crying and rocked his car seat in a "rough" manner for 10 to 12 minutes.

    10-12 minutes, are you serious? Why can't people just walk away when they feel frustrated with infants/children?? Now this poor baby will never be the same!!

    "He will never fully recover," said Sgt. Terri Smith, police spokeswoman

    Of course drugs played some part,

    Tully told officers when he doesn't take oxycodone he becomes "nasty and twitches and has a bad attitude," according to his arrest affidavit.

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    so by all means dude, continue taking them, especially around children. It truly makes no sense to me. When my son cried constantly and I couldn't take it a minute longer, I closed the door, read a chapter in my book, fixed a cup of soda, or some other mindless task to get my head right for a few minutes, then went back with more patience. AHHHH it makes me wanna scream
    Find Brian Shaffer!!

    Janet Christiansen, Kaiden, and Family, justice WILL prevail!


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    From April 2013:


    A Lakeland man has been sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison for beating his infant son so severely that he was left with brain damage...

    Tylon Tully pleaded no contest Thursday to aggravated child abuse with great bodily harm. The judge also ordered Tully to serve 20 years of probation after he's released from prison.

    Authorities say Tully's son Romeo has permanent brain injuries, respiratory problems and is unable to move or speak. The boy, now 2, is blind and is fed through a feeding tube.

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