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    ID - Jon Barrett, 68, Pocatello, 9 Nov 2008

    COLD CASE PART 1: Jon Barrett's Disappearance

    Several Pocatello cold cases are back in the spotlight as authorities work to find the missing pieces required to solve them. On Tuesday the Pocatello Police Department announced progress has been made on six of these cases.


    Detective Kirk Howe, Pocatello Police Department: "On November 9, 2008, Jon Barrett was reported missing by his sister..."

    It's a case that has stumped authorities for over two years and still remains a mystery.


    A short time after Jon Barrett was reported missing, his van was returned to his home and police still don't know how it got there. That's just one of the missing pieces to this puzzle.

    More: http://www.kpvi.com/story.php?id=41310&n=15207

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    Charley Project - http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/b/barrett_jon.html

    • In May 2009, Randall Toone was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada on credit card fraud charges out of Idaho. Toone, a long time friend of Barrett's, had been using Barrett's debit card; he charged less than $20. [...] Authorities haven't named him as a suspect in Barrett's disappearance, but he was the last person to see Barrett before he went missing.

    Idaho Missing Person's Clearinghouse - http://isp.idaho.gov/identification/...tml?category=d


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    Missing 3 years today.

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    BUMPING. Missing 4 years today.

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    Jon is still missing after 5 years.

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    I think there might be a good chance that Mr.Toone who last saw Jon and used his debit card has something to do with his disappearance.

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    Jon is still missing after 6 years.

    Sgt. Nathan Diekemper with the Pocatello Police Department said there has been no new information in Jon’s case during the past year, but he added that doesn’t mean the case will never be solved. Diekemper said there are six active cold cases in Pocatello. Each case is assigned to two detectives, and the cases are rotated and reviewed every six months. Missing persons cases involving adults are particularly challenging.
    “Adults can choose to go missing,” Diekemper said.
    But in Jon’s case, officers suspected within a few days of his disappearance that something was askew — his house was open, the lights were on and his beloved dogs were left behind. It is unclear if Jon took his medication with him. As time elapses in cold cases, new technology and advancements such as DNA often aid in the investigation, and Diekemper said people’s conscience sometimes gets the best of them.
    “If someone has information about a cold case, whether it’s big or small, we urge them to please come forward,” Diekemper said. “Sometimes the smallest detail could be key in solving the case.”

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