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    CO - Earl Moore for attempted bombing of shopping mall, Littleton, 2011

    FBI Seeks Person of Interest in Attempted Mall Bombing

    The FBI is seeking a "person of interest" in an attempted bombing Wednesday morning at a Colorado mall, Fox 31 reports.

    The incident came 12 years to the day of the deadly school shooting at Columbine High School, which is located just one mile away from the Southwest Plaza Mall in Littleton, Co.

    The FBI released two images of the person that were recorded on surveillance video, and investigators are asking for the public's help in identifying the man.

    "He's a person of interest, not a suspect," Jefferson County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Jackie Kelley said. "He was in the area, so he may be a witness."

    Police describe him as a white male with graying hair and a silver mustache. He was wearing a dark cap with a light logo on the front, along with a shirt with gray and white horizontal stripes, dark jacket with silver buttons, blue jeans, and dark shoes.

    The first device was found at about 11:50 a.m., when a mall employee noticed a fire in a hallway near the food court, the witness told Fox 31. The worker immediately contacted security officers who began evacuating the sprawling indoor shopping center.

    The employee said the device was attached to two camping propane tanks, neither of which exploded.

    The Jefferson County Bomb Squad responded and later found a pipe bomb in the same hallway, Kelley said.

    When crews tried to explode the pipe bomb using a remote-controlled robot, it appeared to fall apart and detonation became unnecessary.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/04/21...#ixzz1KAcpjxkv

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    Thanks, Kaylynn...I was just searching to see if this was posted...So sad- people in this area have to be feeling retraumatized by this event...
    My posts are and believe it or not I've put some thought into 'em.

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    The man who is now the subject of a nationwide manhunt was released from federal prison just seven days before allegedly rigging two propane tanks and a pipe bomb to explode in a crowded Colorado shopping mall, ABC News has learned.

    Records from the Federal Bureau of Prisons indicate Earl Albert Moore, 65, was released on April 13. It is not immediately clear where Moore had been held, but he was serving a six-year sentence for bank robbery.
    More at link:


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    Suspect now in custody


    KUSA - Authorities say the Southwest Plaza Mall attempted bombing suspect, Earl Albert Moore, is in custody.

    9Wants To Know has learned that Moore was captured Tuesday morning in Boulder. FBI was searching nationwide for 65-year-old Moore in connection with the attempted bombing of the mall on April 20. Two former FBI experts predicted on Monday it wouldn't be much longer before Moore was captured.Clint Van Zandt, a former FBI profiler, said Moore was "probably one of America's most wanted men." Bob Pence, former FBI Special Agent in Charge of Denver, said Moore's face and distinctive tattoos were widely publicized and recognizable. "It's hard to believe he'll be in fugitive status for more than a few days," Van Zandt said Monday.

    9Wants to Know recently learned Moore was released from federal prison on April 13 for a 2005 bank robbery in the southern district West Virginia. It is unknown which federal prison he was being held at. Moore was sentenced to 18 years for that robbery, but his time was shortened after he helped prosecutors investigate another c

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