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    Interesting case. I actually used to live down the street from this location. It's a long shot, but there is a bowling alley just to the north of this house...we're talking a minute's drive in a car, or a ten minute walk. Does anyone know if the bowling alley existed back in '78? I tried looking on historicaerials.com, but there is a gap between 1972 and 1994. The alley area is an empty lot in the '72 pic, and it exists in '92 (which I knew, because I've been frequenting that alley since I was a kid/teen in the early 90's).
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    [QUOTE=Ambercat;8084991]Could the mystery man in the sketch also be the person responsible for Patricia Neufeld's murder?

    When I saw this sketch I immediately thought it looked a lot like Rodney Alcala. A brief summary of his history - Alcala was a serial rapist and murderer who targeted women and young girls, predominantly in California, but also in New York throughout the 1970s. He was arrested and convicted for the murder of 12-year-old Robin Samsoe in 1980 and has since been linked to a number of other murders, four of which he has subseqently been convicted for. Alcala was in California in 1978, that was the year he made his now infamous appearance on The Dating Game, and the year Robin Samsoe was murdered. Alcala was known to change his appearance regularly and to move around quite a bit, which is why I believe he could be a viable suspect for Patricia's murder.

    These photos of Alcala show his changes in appearance, the more recent photo was the only one I could find of him with a moustache, but he was known to wear one from time to time throughout the 70s as well.

    long-form article on Alcala's crimes and his trials and convictions
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