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    AK - Dr. John Felton for soliciting child sex online, Anchorage, 2008

    How did we miss this, this HORRID man? Note that he says that he's "into kids". Plural.

    The costume rips my heart out.


    Boston doctor pleads guilty in Alaska child sex case

    "A Boston doctor avoided going to trial by admitting to a judge Wednesday that he traveled to Alaska in 2008 with the intention of having sex with a 6-year-old boy. John Mark Felton, a 47-year-old research physician, was to be tried Monday in U.S. District Court in Anchorage. He decided instead to plead guilty as part of a plea agreement..."


    "...Prosecutors say Felton was in a child-sex chat room on Feb. 28, 2008, when he began conversing with a man who he believed was offering up his young grandson for sex. He told the man — actually an undercover agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement — that he would travel to Alaska to have sex with the boy. When Felton was arrested at the Anchorage airport, he had condoms in his luggage and a Spiderman child’s costume...."


    Special Agent KL, who posed as the man offering his grandson, asked Felton if there was anything that he should be worried about. Felton responded, "nope, very clean, healthy and discreet, not into anything nasty. Just really into kids." Felton — who at the time lived in a luxury condo in Boston’s exclusive Back Bay neighborhood and was vice president of clinical operations at a vaccine development company in nearby Cambridge, Mass...."

    more at link

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    Not into anything nasty? Healthy? You're a pedophile travelling to have sex with a child and you were gonna throw him a lousey Spider Man costume?

    Do these guys seriously believe the things they do to hurt kids is fine and dandy? I'm starting to truly think they believe themselves.

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    You know what, Filly? I have every reason to believe that distinctly because this man worked in a vaccination research program (which most likely benefitted children), he felt somewhat vindicated. Look at all the "good" he was doing...helping kids and all. They all seem to rationalize in this manner. They fool others and I think they work hard to fool themselves.

    I still don't buy his story of the sleeping pills. I think he had every intention of using them on the child if he didn't get compliance.

    And how many times did he meet up with a real live little child?

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