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    IA - Patricia Veach, 8, Des Moines, 10 July 1969

    One of the best regional cold case websites that I know of is the Iowa Cold Cases file. As I had a slight connection to the victim's family in this long-ago murder, I am posting a link to the writeup and especially noting the last personal comment:


    I posted the first reply as 'Martin'. I was wondering what advice you'd give the last poster? I would suggest despite all the years, she contact local LE and be sure the original referral was even made or acted upon.

    Pathetic that her aunt was so weak; but then if married to a molester, it fits.
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    Wow! I hope she came forward! Such a sad story, it would be great for her family to at least have an idea of what happened.

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    Case Summary

    On Thursday morning, July 10, 1969, 8-year-old Patricia Ann Veach was found dead in her bedroom at her Des Moines home. She had been sexually molested and strangled in her bed.

    Patricia’s father said he went to check on her about 7:25 a.m. after discovering the home’s front door screen slashed near the latch.William Veach said he found his daughter lying on her back, uncovered and clad only in her pajama top, and that there was blood on her body and on the bed. ...

    ... Patricia lived with her parents, William and Etta Veach, and her brother, Billy, at 805 S.W. Lally Street on Des Moines’ south side.

    The Veaches told police they’d gone to bed around 2 a.m. and that their daughter was all right at that time. They said they’d heard no unusual noises in the house, and that their dog — who was kept in the basement overnight — had not barked.

    The Veaches said their son had spent the night with a relative.

    Police canvassed the neighborhood in search of persons who might have seen someone or heard something near the Veach’s home.

    In an Associated Press article dated July 14, 1969, Police Detective Capt. Cleatus Leaming said his men had questioned more than 500 persons by Sunday and that there were seven detectives and two identification officers assigned to the case.

    Leaming also stated that neither he nor his department had any clues regarding the identity of Patricia's killer.

    Three days later on Thursday, July 17, 1969, an AP brief in the Waterloo Daily Courier announced lie detector tests would be given soon to suspects in the case....

    More information and photo at link below.



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    Lot of predatory males in that family. I am confused about this adopted son, Paul Veach. Did Roy adopt the kid on his own? THat dad sounds REALL Y suspicious

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