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    FL - John McDonald, 3 mos, dies in hot car, West Palm Beach, 20 June 2009


    Both were sentenced to five years probation and must complete 300 hours of community service. The sentence includes a requirement to do four speaking engagements regarding the dangers of leaving children in a hot vehicle, the state attorney's office said.

    According to an arrest affidavit, Richard McDonald awoke from a two-hour nap and realized the baby was not in the house. He went to the SUV and brought the baby inside, but did not call the 911. The parents attempted to feed the baby, then took him to St. Mary's Medical Center where he died the next morning.

    Are you kidding me? He didn't seek medical help after leaving his baby in the car for 2 hours and this is all they got? WTH I can't stand being in the car 10 minutes without the air on, I feel like I'm suffercating and it's only April. Imagine this kind of weather in June here in Florida?? I feel like their sentence should have been a bit harsher!!! JMO

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    I am happy with their punishment. This happens way too often and while I feel for the parents as it is often a horrible mistake and I know they will be punished for the rest of their lives, SOMETHING needs to be done! My BIL is an engineer and works for a company that invents and develops gadgets for cars and I have asked him to please come up with something to help with this problem. He thought about it a while and got back to me with an idea he had of how an alarm could work for this problem. I hope he gets it done. It's so sad and I really feel like nothing is being done to prevent this tragedy. I am happy to see that these parents have to do 4 hours of speaking about the dangers.