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    GA - Camyria Arnold, 3, dies of dry drowning, Albany, 27 Dec 2010



    According to a report filed with the Albany Police Department, Camyria had bruises on her right thigh and on the left side of her neck as well as red marks on her chest and dilated pupils when she was brought to Phoebe. Police said a doctor at the hospital reportedly told a Department of Family and Childrens Services worker and an APD officer that Camyria’s body temperature was 91.6 degrees and that she had a sodium level of 117, which is indicative of possible drowning.

    When interviewed by police and DFACS, Camyria’s mother said that she was at work when she received a call from Jones saying the toddler was acting sluggishly and was sleepy. To awaken her, Jones said he placed her in the bathtub and cut the shower on cold. He further told the mother, per the report, that he thought Camyria might have ingested something while she was napping.


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    Something in that article struck me funny. Maybe it's the wording. Perhaps taken out of context:

    We hate to have to prosecute people for killing children,” said Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards. “We are hopeful we can save children’s lives.”
    Okay, I understand, no one wants to believe an adult would purposely hurt a child. But, we all know it happens. Perhaps I would take the statement better if it seemed more victim oriented.

    I hope this person pays for what he did to this precious child. She didn't deserve this.

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    From August 2013:


    Rico Jones, convicted in July of felony murder and related charges in the death of his 3-year-old stepdaughter in 2010, has been sentenced to life in prison...

    Marshall sentenced Jones to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Should Jones be paroled at some date, he would then be required to serve 10 years on probation...

    “Her death was really a forensics issue. It was ‘dry drowning,’” Edwards said. “The state proved she was held in the shower and unable to breathe. Dry drowning is an unusual phenomenon where the victim displays all the classic symptoms of drowning, but doesn’t have water on the lungs. I’ve seen just one other case like it.”

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