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    Courthouse confrontation at Chris Coleman trial

    As court was letting out for the day, U.S. Marshal Justin Barlow stepped down from the witness stand and looked at Coleman's brother, Brad, and said something to the effect of, "Are you okay? You need something?" The statement appeared to put Brad Coleman on the spot, who seemed surprised.

    Barlow said as he stepped down from the witness box, he saw Brad Coleman mouth the words, "you're dead' to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCup View Post
    And this is his brother that is a prison guard at Menard Prison in Chester, IL and a part-time Chester cop. I hope he loses his job over this!
    I don't know why the Judge didn't jail him for contempt and ban him from the rest of the trial.

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    FYI... "Chris Hayes on Fox2 Michael Cuneo is working on a book now. I see him every day in court. I'm currently reading his book about a triple homicide in PA "A Need To Kill.""

    YAY!!! We have a book currently in the works!

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    Another FYI... I can honestly say I love Chris Hayes! He's being so responsive to questions and inquiries on his facebook page! Some stuff for us to chew on...

    Chris Hayes on Fox2
    Chris if it's possible can you report on how Chris Coleman is reacting to the testimony? Other than sobbing... I don't really care if he's crying, he did this and is only crying for himself. Is there shock, shaking head to parts of testimony, laughing at parts, etc... thanks!
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    Chris Hayes on Fox2 Yes, when I get time I'll try to post something more extensive. During testimony, not much. A lot of leaning in to talk to the attorneys. I haven't seen him once turn around to see pictures of his dead family, though I saw him wince when they first mentioned they were showing his youngest son.
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    Chris Hayes on Fox2 During the police interview tape, it's much more bizarre, with giggling at times, then sobbing at other points. At one time they ask for Joyce Meyer's cell number and he says "I don't usually give that out." A Det. responds, "I think this qualifies as a good time." Coleman was fairly lighthearted in that exchange. Again, I'll try to post more on this in the next couple days.
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    Here is my concern...

    I would not want to see anyone go postal in the midst of this trial.

    On the surface, I might have found the interview with CC's brother to be okay (possibly sincere), except that I saw the deer video (very upsetting that a gun wasn't used to relieve the dying animal rather than bare hands), I know that the family is other-worldly strongly deluded where CC's guilt is concerned, and I trust US Marshal Barlow's observational skills (formerly Detective Sergeant Barlow). For this reason, I lean to this was not a "misunderstanding."

    Speaking of the delusion... Delusion at the level we are seeing generally speaks to me of, well I won't go into it much, but I don't think this battle is just on an earthly level. The words "spiritual wickedness in high places" comes to mind (Eph 6:12) and I won't bore anyone with just how I see some of it's interplay, just that I think it is overwhelmingly present in this situation. I would bet that the "darkness" in that courtroom is so strong that there are people there who may never have felt such a thing before feeling it as if it was an actual physical presence.

    Given the above,
    Given that the brother is skilled at shooting (hunter, guard, part-time officer -- if what we have heard is true),
    Given the intense emotions (a family member that other family members delusionally think is innocent is about to go to prison for life or be sentenced to death) and
    Given the overwhelming and "bizarre" familial, and "smacking of cult" type of delusion (and/or denial and "believing of a lie" which is very possibly and probably inviting the darkness to stick around in my opinion)...

    I think that if I were that judge I would take what Barlow brought forward as a serious death threat (no hand slapping or mere warnings) AND I would consider the Judge's life, and everyone in that courtroom's life to be in distinct danger. I would not permit ANYONE into that courtroom without a scan and full body pat down, and I'm not sure the brother would be permitted anywhere near. IF he had to arrive to be a witness, special effort would be made to ensure that he was away, definitely in one secure place during the trial, and could not harm anyone. I would have a flock of armed guards at every exit and entrance of the courtroom too, and not just to protect people from the one brother.

    I believe that Barlow is not confused, he saw what he saw mouthed at him and read the lips. He almost assuredly noticed a coupling of body language and eye contact that spoke distinctly in clarifying and punctuating the mouthed words. He knows proper courtroom behavior and so should CC's brother, aside from that the judge warned people about their behavior. You don't kabitz in the courtroom, and you certainly don't mouth to someone "Your dead" when they have just served society in a murder trial as a witness AND particularly one that let a video speak for itself (not if you have an ounce of intelligence or self-control). Barlow KNEW that what the brother did happened, he knew it was wrong, and so did the brother.

    In my opinion, no matter how sincere I "might have liked" to think that the brother "could have been," that Barlow is no fool. In fact, he is probably thinking every moment of every day, "I will never be played a fool again like CC played me." My guess is that Barlow knew who those threats were coming from, but that his hands were tied in terms of doing anymore than he did. I might also guess that Barlow knows some information about the brother too, in fact he may have seen that deer video -- I know that one of our group called and brought it to LE's attention when it was found. The brother/s may have been investigated as a part of this whole thing...so who knows what Barlow is very clear about.

    While I'm in "guessing mode" -- my guess is that it didn't sit right with Barlow at all to have the brother of CC, one who looks just like CC, mouth the words "Your dead" at him. I'm betting he could barely believe his eyes -- but he knew, he knew what he saw and "heard" from the lips. I would be shocked if there weren't a world of phone calls and arrangements put together after court today and throughout the night. Then again, we'll immediately see if I was wrong tomorrow morning. I might guess that a US Marshall might be afforded some particular consideration after a death threat.

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    According to this article at the Washington Post:

    >>It is a federal crime to kill, assault, intimidate or interfere with federal employees performing official duties.<<

    I don't know that Barlow was performing an official duty as a federal employee, but the brother certainly attempted to intimidate him and interfere with his testimony.

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    The beautiful roundabout of Context, Veracity, and JUSTICE

    "Coleman and Lintz exchanged text messages the night before the murders, officials said, and again hours after the bodies were discovered.

    Lintz, who fought the Illinois subpoena in court in Florida but lost, is expected to testify in the trial here today."
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    From this article by Nick Pistor:

    >>"She wasn't alive when you left the house," declared Illinois State Police Sgt. David Bivens.

    Coleman responded: "I don't know what to tell you. I think she was. She was. She was lying right beside me."

    "Come on, Chris, she was not alive when you left, the children weren't alive," Bivens said.>>

    Huh? "I don't know what to tell you, I think she was." Well, was she or wasn't she? Oh, yeah, "She was..." Yeah, that's right, she was.

    >>Barlow said he knew the two went to Hawaii together, that she was using his credit cards to pay her bills and that he was sending her "naked pictures" of himself.<<

    Chris must have woopsed himself when he realized within just hours of what he did that the police already had his number and so much information.

    The article says that Lintz is due to testify today (as in today, Thursday the 28th of April.) If she heard any of the news today, she heard Chris say that he just told Lintz he was going to marry her. Well, she could get ticked, but she knows he wasn't just telling her.

    The article also says:

    >>Wharton summoned both to the bench, where Brad Coleman denied it. He insisted that what he said, to his wife, regarding Barlow, was, "I don't believe him."<<

    Now everyone, put your noise blocking head phones on so that your ears aren't hearing well. Go to your mirror, and very attentively watching your mouth, say "You're dead" (2 syllables) Say it again. See how your mouth works at the end of the word "dead?" Now say, any 2 of the 5 syllables in "I don't believe him." See if you can match the look of any two consecutive of those syllables to the look of "You're dead." Now, say the word "Him" -- see how your lips pronounce the "m" at the end of "him?" Say the word "dead." Does your mouth look in any way alike at the end of the word "him" and the end of the word "dead?"

    Nah, and you don't turn your mouth toward the person walking away from the stand and mouth the words "I don't believe him" when you are speaking to someone else about the him, generally you turn your mouth to the ear of the person to whom you are quietly speaking UNLESS, of course you are trying to make it clear to the person walking away from the stand. THUD! And why not just say it right out loud and very clear, "I don't believe him?" Why "mouth" those words?

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