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otto, how could anyone know for sure DW didn't start by being a peeping Tom in his younger years? he could have started watching his mother, neighbours? Then progressing to break and enters taking underwear. We know many of those 'panty' victims had absolutely no idea he had been in their bedrooms. So he could have been doing that when he lived in Toronto, while in university. We already know he had perfected the "art" of unlocking doors while in his twenties, don't we? Why do you think he was interested in learning that 'art'? You don't believe it was just to do pranks on his friends, we cannot be that naive.

He was living non the least in Toronto. How many unsolved rapes, break-ins, and murders are in the GTA? Too many to count.
There was a girl, whose name escapes me, who was raped in TO at the same time he was living there, and she was from Deep River.
Aren't there a few unsolved rapes and murders in the GTA?
In past threads, we discussed many of the cases where he could have been the culprit...I know you only joined this thread fairly recently, but some of us have been here since day one, since Jessica went missing.
There is a wealth of information here, and the chances that DW committed at least one of the murders/rapes that were discussed, are IMHO huge!

He could have evolved from being a common rapist and murderer to more sophisticated ways once simply raping and killing was no longer enough for him. This guy did NOT start by killing MFC. He has killed before, maybe even young boys, I am keeping an opened mind. For all we know he could be the Woodland killer, just to throw you an example...there are so many more possibilities, but am kinda short of time and besides all that has already been discussed here.

If I were to read a book about RW, I'll rather read one written by Paul Bernardo or someone who could REALLY know how a sadistic person like them both would think. I am interested on how their brains work, and so not interested on what they actually do. I can assure you, you will never catch me reading details of the crimes, what they did step by step to me is re-victimizing the victims.
I'm willing to consider that another known rape should be connected to Williams, even though several experts that analyzed all of Williams meticulous notes have concluded that there are no other victims. Which victim would you suggest can be attributed to Williams and why?

His MO is to stalk his victims, learn their routine, enter their homes, hit them over the head a few times, restrain them, photograph them (that's part of his signature), photograph them with or in their underwear (also part of his signature), photograph himself wearing their underwear (signature), appear both kind and callous towards his victims ... and then possibly assualt them for up to 22 hours, possibly resease them and possibly murder them. One thing to note is that Williams escalated rapidly through stages of stalking, thefts, home invasions and murder ... so other murders would have to fit into his pattern of escalation.

Camouflaged Killer has 68 pages dedicated to psychoanalyzing how Williams thinks, what contributed to who he is and defining how he is either similar or different to other men that attack women. Men that attack women are categorized based on several factors ... a random attack on the side of the street and a prolonged sexually sadistic attack would not be committed by the same person.