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    Quote Originally Posted by borndem View Post
    Hmmmm... Lamp base -- why?? That seems to be the weapon of choice -- a lamp base is thought to be a possibility in the K. Taft murder, too. Remember, JTF?

    Just because it's there? And the perp *forgot* to bring one??
    Several reasons for me.

    1- Basilar skull fracture (fairly heavy weapon...beyond a mag-lite)
    2- Since there was attempted strangulation, that was his first mode of attack. When she escaped his grip, the beating began (blood pool in bed).
    She ended on the floor, by the closet doors and was beat on the head 28 times until death.
    3- A SW described a lamp with "blood on the shade".
    4- Many of the wounds were crescent shaped, so whatever the weapon, it had a rounded end. Sure, it could have been a baseball bat, but I lean more with the lamp being the opportunity of choice after the intended strangulation failed (Brad Cooper's mode of attack as well). I picture a candle stick type lamp with a round base....MOO

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    I don't remember a lamp being discussed in the trial and I have watched about 90%. Did I miss it in that 10%?

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