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    OH - Rachel West, 10 wks, starved to death, Sayler Park, 26 Nov 2008


    Rachel West’s parents were “lazy” and indifferent to her survival, Hamilton County prosecutors alleged Wednesday as the murder trial began in the 2009 starvation death of the 10-week-old child.

    When born, the infant weighed 6 pounds, 1 ounce. When she died 71 days later, Nov. 26, she weighed 5 pounds, 13 ounces

    Burroughs criticized Hull and West for letting the child essentially live in a “dirty” car seat while they fought, each suggesting the other needed to care for the infant. The child starved to death even though police found five full, unopened cans of baby formula in the home.

    When Hull realized the infant was dead – West wasn’t home at the time – she first cleaned her home before calling 911, Burroughs said


    This poor baby, she must have suffered very much! This breaks my heart! Just to think these grown people had free health care for the child and never took advantage of that. Then to top it off they had unopened cans of formula that they never opened!!

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    I'm really liking Judge Nadine Allen & these prosecutors:

    Rachel West died 71 days after her 2008 birth because she had issues, prosecutors contend.

    "The only issue Rachel had was her parents barely feeding her," Assistant Prosecutor Katie Pridemore said Wednesday.

    "Her parents were her limitations. They simply didn't care."
    Derek Gustafson, West's attorney, argued that West wasn't the child's father - and therefore wasn't obligated to care for a child who wasn't his.

    Gustafson also hinted the blame was all Hull's, but her attorney suggested she was too simple and poor to be held accountable, even though she'd raised three other healthy daughters, until they were taken away following her arrest.
    Prosecutors noted Rachel was starved to death as five cans of baby formula were in the two-room Sayler Park house she shared with her three sisters, Hull and West.
    As attorneys were arguing over if injuries to and starvation of Rachel were noticeable, the judge said, "If this wasn't noticeable, then Auschwitz wasn't noticeable,"
    After the judge, hearing the case without a jury at the request of Hull and West, denied defense motions, she ruled that Hull and West were guilty as charged - before either side had given their final arguments.

    When attorneys pointed that out, the judge withdrew her guilty finding.

    more at link
    Thank you my WS family for everything you do, everyday. You are loved and appreciated.


    ~Emma Leigh Barker~

    Justice For Emma
    Stacey Barker - Guilty - Murder 1 - 5/24/11
    25 to LiFE - Sentenced 6/17/11

    jmho as always

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    From June 2011:


    She weighed 6 pounds, 1 ounce at birth, four ounces more than she weighed when she died Nov. 26. She starved to death despite five containers of baby formula in the home and the family collecting almost $3,000 in food stamps during Rachel’s life...

    The judge said she was disappointed she couldn’t sentence the parents to more than the mandatory prison term of 15 to life she imposed Wednesday...

    Burroughs mocked Hull’s assertion she did the best she could. Hull was, Burroughs scornfully noted, “the best mom to a baby that lived in a car seat whose head was flattened in back because it wasn’t moved.” Burroughs said the baby lived on chocolate milk and Kool-Aid in the bottle because her parents argued over who should feed her.

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