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    NV - Larry Boyd, 1, beaten to death, Las Vegas, 1 Nov 2010 *Arrests*


    A Metro Police detective testified Wednesday she was able to find a belt during a search of a Las Vegas home where a 1-year-old boy died in November — a belt that fit the description of what other children in the home said was used to beat their baby brother.

    Officials said Marshall (bio mom) was aware of previous incidents of child abuse involving her children and Biggs, which led to her being arrested.

    WHY? WHY? WHY? What is wrong with these women, dating a man who sells drugs out of their home and abuses her children!?

    The boy's mother, Lolita Marshall, 31, was also charged in the case and has entered a plea agreement with the Clark County District Attorney's office. Marshall has taken an Alford plea of guilty to the charge of attempted child abuse and neglect with substantial bodily harm.

    The boy’s five siblings were removed from the home and are in the custody of Clark County Child Protective Services.

    Why do men date women that have children if they can't control their anger???

    RIP Larry, you will no longer suffer....

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    NV - Las Vegas - Child abuse murder

    I could have sworn I read this somewhere on the forums, but I can't find it anywhere


    Biggs then told her that he then ran downstairs to the garage to retrieve his cell phone and called the boy's mother, who was out shopping with two other women. Biggs then told the investigator that he had trouble making a connection on the phone, but eventually got the boy's mother to come to the house.
    The investigator said when Biggs was asked why he didn't call 911, he said he didn't think of it.
    The investigator also said she noticed a large handmark on the boy's face and several straight marks on his abdomen and multiple bruises that were purple and yellow when she looked at the boy's body.
    The boy's 10-year-old and 4-year-old siblings told police that Biggs struck Boyd with a belt multiple times before he became unresponsive, according to the warrant for his arrest.
    Marshall's 10-year-old son told police he heard Biggs strike his baby brother with a belt at least twice, then he heard his brother's cries being muffled, according to the arrest report

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    Yeah for some reason I posted this story and I couldn't find it under the bf name only the mothers.

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    A woman whose boyfriend has been charged with last November's beating death of her 18-month-old son has been given a suspended sentence in connection with the incident.

    Lolita Marshall, 31, took an Alford plea of guilty to the charge of attempted child abuse and neglect with substantial bodily harm in the death of her son, Larry Boyd, on Nov. 1, 2010.


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