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    Quote Originally Posted by mraccountant View Post
    Her mother , is listed as Caucasian Jane Doe found further up the highway

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    Oh yes I know that.
    She's was Jan Doe 3's baby. I think the baby is biracial.

    • "Baby Doe: The third body found on April 4, about 250 feet away from the partial remains of "Jane Doe No. 6," was that of a female toddler between 16 and 24 months of age.[43] The body was wrapped in a blanket and showed no visible signs of trauma. DNA tests determined that the child's mother was "Jane Doe No. 3", whose body was found 10 miles east, near Jones Beach State Park.[44] She was reported to be "non-Caucasian" and was wearing earrings and a necklace.[19]"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Emre E View Post
    ANDRE JAMAL ISAAC aka Sugar Bear

    A 25 year old drag queen from Brooklyn is murdered and dismembered, body parts dumped in Queens and Long Island.

    Tuesday, December 17, 2002

    Police from the 100 Precinct, as well as officers from the Emergency Service Unit (ESU) responded to an anonymous tip that there was a body in a plastic bag on Beach 63 Street between Larkin Avenue and the boardwalk. In the bag, police say they found a "partial human torso" without head or extremities. On Wednesday, Ellen Borakove, a spokesperson for the Medical Examiner, told The Wave that it was a male torso, but that further tests would be necessary to ascertain his age, how long he had been dead and the cause of death.

    There are several settlements in the area today, but in 2002 it was an undeveloped lot.

    January 25, 2003

    A Long Island couple enjoying an afternoon skating on a frozen pond yesterday happened upon a gruesome sight – a detached human head sticking out of the ice, police said.

    The head of a white adult male was spotted around 12 p.m. yesterday on one of the Twin Ponds near the corner of Montauk Highway and Barnes Road in the town of Moriches, cops said.

    A Suffolk County Police Department spokesman said the head was being examined for identification and to determine cause of death.


    White... The head belongs to a black man. Mistakes with the race, always happen. The victim is ANDRE JAMAL ISAAC aka Sugar Bear. He is a black drag queen from Brooklyn disappeared shortly before Thanksgiving 2002, (Nov 28). He is a big guy. Gun is used this time.

    January 27, 2003

    A human head found on the ice of a Long Island skating pond belonged to a man who had been shot, Suffolk County police said yesterday.

    The head was spotted protruding through the ice by two skaters on the shoreline of a pond in Moriches on Saturday. It was taken by police to the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s Office for inspection.

    Police Officer Bob McLaren said neither the race nor the identity of the man have been determined, and that police have not yet found the rest of the body.

    McLaren said medical examiners determined that the head had a gunshot wound.

    March 6, 2003
    A partial human torso that was found in a plastic bag on Beach 63 Street between Larken Street and the boardwalk on Dec. 17, 2002 about 11:30 a.m. has been determined by medical examiners to belong to a male, said police. The investigation has been reclassified as a homicide, and was ongoing, police said. The victim remains unidentified.

    November 24, 2007
    Police are searching for the killer of “Sugar Bear,” a professional drag queen from Brooklyn – whose head was found frozen in the ice of a Long Island pond by skaters in 2003.

    Police say that the killer dumped the head, with a single bullet wound to the head, in the frozen pond, where it was found on January 25, 2003.

    The killer had dumped the head, with a single bullet wound in the temple, in the pond in Moriches, where it was found on Jan. 25, 2003, said Detective Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick, commander of the Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad.

    Arms and legs belonging to the same victim were later found in a plastic bag miles away in Suffolk County.

    Possible Location:
    Possible date of discovery: Fall 2007

    The body parts are disposed with a ride on Sunrise Highway this time, not LI Expressway.

    It took Suffolk detectives almost a year and a half to identify the victim as Andre Jamal Isaac, 25, of East New York, the grandson of a Vietnam POW.

    DNA tests done in Suffolk linked the body parts to a torso found clad in a skirt, black body suit and tank top in Arverne on December 17, 2002.

    (1) In January of 2004, police officials came up with an artist's rendition of the dead man.

    (2) Detectives showed photos of his head to transvestites in Manhattan.

    It is probably 1, not 2

    In May 2004, one drag queen told a detective, “Hey, that looks like Sugar Bear.” Another knew Isaac’s real name, and detectives found his mother, Kim Long Jordan, 50, on Long Island.

    Jordan gave investigators a key piece of information: One of her son’s pals had seen Isaac just before Thanksgiving getting into a car with a “secret friend.” He was never seen again.

    “He went out without a coat and said he would be right back. He left his pocketbook,” she said. Fitzpatrick said the car was a red, BMW-type coupe with “nice rims” driven by a Hispanic man.

    It is December 2002. The torso and left foot of Jane Doe 2000 was discovered in Manorville along with John Doe 2000 with not much fuss. On Gilgo Beach there's the head of the Fire Island Lady (1996) and the right foot, head and arms of Jane Doe 2000. Seems like Gilgo Beach hasn't yet proven its long standing confidentiality t o come. Peaches Doe's head and extremities? Where are they?

    to mark.

    Thank you so much for the unbelievable work you've all done over time and now too. Awe inspired, humbled by how all I'm learning and so grateful to witness it, sleuthers. Thank you so much Erm, Pstvlite, TwoCurscats and others. S'what I love about Websleuth!
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    I think they have two killers playing off one another not in competition its more like one kills and somehow the other knows what he has done and tries to outdo him

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    While I think most on here are familiar with the Tanya Rush case, there is another one I think may be connected: Desiree Cherry. She was originally from St. Lucia, lived in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and worked at a club in Plainfield, NJ. She was a single mom (her son's father was killed by a stray bullet in Brooklyn 13 years earlier). She worked as a go go dancer so she could spend more time at home raising her son. She disappeared somewhere after leaving her Schenectady Ave apartment heading to the Elite Ark Club in East New York. Her body was found stabbed and burned in Fresh Creek Park in Canarsie and identified in early June 2006. Fresh Creek Park is right along Belt Pkwy, the same route Tanya Rush was probably taken from ENY to North Bellmore.

    2006 Desiree Cherry disappeared from East Flatbush or East New York and was found stabbed and burned in a Canarsie park
    2007 Cherries' (UID/not Desiree) torso was found stabbed and dismembered in a suitcase in Mamorneck, legs found on Nassau County North Shore a month later
    2007 Thalia Stathis disappeared from Hackensack or Cliffside Park, NJ and was found on Southern State Parkway in North Merrick in 2008
    2008 Tanya Rush disappeared from East New York and was found dismembered in a suitcase on Southern State Parkway in North Bellmore
    2013 Erica McDaniel of Bedford-Stuyvesant was found in a suitcase burned in an abandoned apartment in Brownsville/Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn

    Here's some connections:
    Desiree and Erica were both dancers (Tanya was a sex worker, taxi drivers testified driving Thalia to a motel known for prostitution)
    Desiree and Erica were both found burned
    Desiree and Cherries were both stabbed
    Cherries, Erica and Tanya were found in suitcases
    Tanya and Desiree both disappeared from East New York
    Tanya and Thalia were both found on Southern State Parkway
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    Sorry if this is repetitive or a rehash of what has already been posted. I didn't go through every post. I am looking at missing women in the tri-state specifically linked to drugs, prostitution, or strip clubs, as they would be more likely to fit the LISK's victim profile.

    I am thinking specifically of these cases as the most likely to be linked. I am sure you have looked at NY cases ad nauseum, so I focused on cases in CT, NJ, and PA.

    Danielle Day
    2001, Lindenwold, NJ
    - "addicted to heroin and crack cocaine in 2001";
    - "at the time of her disappearance, she worked as an exotic dancer at the now defunct Fantasy Show Bar on Black Horse PIke"
    - "involved in prostitution at the time of her disappearance";
    - "frequently spent time in Brooklyn NY, Philly PA, and Camden NJ"

    Kenya Hickson
    2001, Newark NJ
    - history of drug abuse
    - uses street names and aliases

    Tamika Howard
    2008, Newark NJ
    - history of drug abuse
    - worked as a prostitute in Essex County NJ, frequented abandoned buildings
    - possibly seen working as a prostitute at Penn Station after disappearance

    Caitlyn Kearney
    2012, Pitman NJ
    - history of drug abuse
    - sightings in Camden NJ after disappearance

    Patricia McEady
    1995, Camden NJ
    - history of drug abuse

    Tamara Barriga
    2008, Waterbury, CT
    - history of prostitution

    Lisa Calvo
    2005 New Haven CT
    - heroin addiction, homelessness

    Evelyn Frisco
    2004, New Haven CT
    - involvement in drugs and prostitution

    Christina Crespo
    2005, Philly
    - addicted to drugs at time of disappearance

    Jeannette DuPriest
    2010, Philly
    - history of drug abuse

    Lisa Hatchell
    2003, Philly
    - addicted to crack cocaine

    Sherline Johnson
    1997, Philly
    - history of drug abuse

    Marilyn Lanier
    2003, Philly
    - history of drug abuse

    Kristin Leonetti
    2006, Glenolden PA
    - history of drug abuse and prostitution
    - uses a street name
    - frequented Philly to buy drugs

    Tracy Myers
    2000, Philly
    - heroin addiction

    Mikalena Nau
    2006, Philly
    involved in prostitution
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    Excellent list!

    I have submitted Kenya Hickson for this UID https://www.identifyus.org/en/cases/5764 It was sent to LE but without dentals I think it will take a while.

    Christina Crespo has always reminded me of JT so I keep wondering about her as well.

    You have given me many more to look at!
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Decapitated Female Body Stuffed In Suitcase Found On Jones Beach Sparks LISK?


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    I believe this is a hoax . The sundaypost.org where this story originated does not appear to be a legit site but puts out "news" that is unverifiable and area papers have no mention of this.

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    I am wondering if this girl found at Jamaica Bay in September 2106 has something to do with the LISK.. she reminds me a lot of Natasha Jugo.. If anyone has any thoughts



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