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    Thumbs up Race fan takes a drive around track for her 100th birthday

    In a year that's already seen the youngest-ever winner of the Daytona 500, it's only appropriate that we hit the other end of the spectrum with what has to be the oldest driver ever to take a spin around a NASCAR track.

    Meet Rachel Gilbert of Laconia, N.H. She's approaching her 100th birthday, and she's a NASCAR devotee. And as a birthday present, New Hampshire Motor Speedway gave her a chance to drive around the track in a Toyota Camry pace car.

    And she wasn't in the shotgun seat. She was driving.

    One other note: This was Gilbert's first time behind the wheel in about five years. So it's probably good that there was only one kind of turn involved.


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    I think this is terrific on so many levels. Good for her, good for whoever let them know it'd be a dream come true, and good for the team at the speedway for honoring her thta way. I love it!

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    Happy Belated Birthday, Rachel. You Go Girl!!
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    Great for her! Maybe when I turn 100 I'll finally get a chance to drive a Formula One car. Bernie Ecclestone will be 115 years old then and still in charge.
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