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    Romantic Relationship

    Seem DrewP has been doing it again. Seems that for the last year and a half he was exchanging letters with a pen pal who wrote to him. Over two hundred letters. And wait til you find out who it is.

    She said she met Peterson when she was about 15. Peterson, as a Bolingbrook police officer, rescued her from a violent father.

    "He removed me from the house and took me to a neighbor’s house. He was concerned for my safety," Grandel recalled.
    When she heard he was arrested, she got in touch with him. Now

    Last summer, though, things suddenly changed after Grandel lost everything in an apartment fire.

    In love letters she sold to the National Enquirer, Peterson wrote, "I have a closet full of new or like-new clothes that Stacy left behind when she abandoned us."

    He then offered the clothes to Grandel. That left her stunned and wondering, if she felt so devastated about what she lost in the fire, how could Stacy have just run off?

    "I can't imagine she walked away from everything, and hasn't wanted anything back, her kids, nothing," Grandel said.

    According to media DrewP has a number of "pen pals."
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    He continues to be a POS. Can't help himself.

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    It's sad there are so many sick women out there, always enough to seek out relationships with whatever POS makes the news...
    Just my opinion, of course.

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