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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimster View Post
    I know what you mean. Makes me wish I could go back in time and warn them.
    That's exactly how it affects me reading that e-mail. I hope some on the jury felt the same way. MOO
    Rest in Peace
    Joey, Summer, Gianni & Joseph Mateo

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    Oh boy... You gotta love this...

    >>Under cross-examination by Coleman's lawyer, John O'Gara, Wojtowica was asked whether he searched for a remote access program that would allow someone to access Coleman's computer.<<

    Well now gee, doesn't remote access come on all Dell machines so that Dell techs can service the machine? Do you suppose a Dell tech logged on when Chris was unaware and created that email account and sent it?

    Wojtowica's response was that the computer was powered on moments before the account was created, and shut down after the emails were sent. He added that he was unaware of technology that would allow you to power up a computer by remote access.

    Well, come on... We know the phantom had remote access to power up Chris' laptop and operate on it without the lid ever being opened. Seems to me that my husband's IT guy hasn't figure out how to do that yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian5671 View Post
    Average at best....
    For some reason "Less than Zero" keeps popping into my head.

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    I only hope & pray the jury understands the IT forensics. It's not always the easiest thing to understand, but having a time frame down to only 44 minutes to turn on the machine, create the gmail account and send out the first threats after only 7 days of having your life changed by your mistress, then turning the computer off... well it's not rocket science.

    "They included threats like,

    "I know Chris' schedule."

    "I will kill his wife and kids .. in their sleep."

    "Your family is done!"

    A police computer expert explained how subpoenas to Google tied the destroychris@gmail address to Chris Coleman's own work laptop."


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    I really liked the interview with the author... but this makes me completely sick! ""Chris Hayes on Fox2 Her suitcase that day was pink, with a pattern of black skull and crossbones on it. That was another interesting contrast." WTH?!?! You show up at a TRIPLE MURDER trial with skull & cross bones on your suitcase?

    "Tara remains "stubbornly committed to his innocence"

    Tara my dear you are as transparent as the window that was never broken into.

    Interview with Cuneo. http://www.fox2now.com/news/coleman/...,2228399.story

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    The seven e-mails, dated from Nov. 14-16, 2008, were sent from the same IP, or Internet protocol, as the ones listed in Coleman's computer, Wojtowicz said.

    I'm sorry, but as an expert, I wouldn't exactly call him that. How stoopid can U be sending e-mails under an assumed account from your own computer!

    He would have been better off going to an internet cafe, or buying a cheap laptop and tossing it inthe ocean.

    Regardles I'm glad he didn't

    bless Sheri and the boys!


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