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    IL - Jeremiah Bradford, 4, beaten to death, South Roxana, 24 Sept 2010


    Madison County State's Attorney Thomas Gibbons said Patricia Cage is now charged with first-degree murder and endangering the life of a child.

    Investigators said Cage's boyfriend, Sean Starwalt, allegedly beat the child to death. Starwalt is charged with first-degree murder


    Couch Excuse again...


    I'm not trying to be funny or offensive but doesn't the boyfriend look like he has some "challenges"?

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    Moreno she's no peach either. Sometimes we have to focus on something that somehow lets us filter such horrific news. Thus yeah man he looks lil off to me.

    How very sad this poor little guy they said may have been saved if he had been treated earlier.

    Comments are classic on that last link.

    Meanwhile Jeremiah suffered in life. We can only pray he's at peace now. His own Mama didn't help him.

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    From April 2013:


    A southwestern Illinois woman was sentenced to a decade in prison after pleading guilty to endangering the life of her son who was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend...

    Starwalt was sentenced in 2011 to 38 years in prison after pleading guilty to a murder count.

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