Keith MacDonald came close to acting out an episode of Fear Factor on Tuesday when he apparently discovered a large deep-fried bug in the bag of Humpty Dumpty potato chips he was munching on for lunch.

"It was pretty disgusting," the Lower Sackville man said.

He said the insect, which was about three to four centimetres long with wings and eyes, was hidden among his barbecue-flavoured snacks. He said he'd eaten a couple of handfuls of chips before he saw something black in the bag.

"I thought it was a burnt chip," Mr. MacDonald said Wednesday. "But upon closer inspection, I found out it was a bug."

The crispy critter was obviously dead, he added.

"It was all kind of stuck together. One of the wings broke off and that's in the bag of chips as well."

Mr. MacDonald said he bought the bagged snack in the cafeteria at Corporatel, a Halifax office building where he works. There was nothing visibly wrong with the outside of the bag, he added.

"(The bug) looks like it was deep-fried, . . . like it might have actually gone through the whole process of being cooked with all the other chips."

Mr. MacDonald said he tried contacting Humpty Dumpty but had trouble finding a phone number or e-mail address. He said he then tried the company's website and eventually tracked down the number of a local sales representative.

He said he left a message on Wednesday but was never called back