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    NY - Ryan Ferrer, 9 mos, beaten to death, Bronx, 3 May 2011


    A 32 year old dating a 17 year old, who later became the babysitter! Hmmm a recipe for disaster!!! RIP RYAN


    Little 9 month old Ryan used to call this "boy" dada! How sad.

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    oh my heavens could it have gotten any more dysfunctional than that? what was she thinking??? aside from the very obvious "not thinking at ALL".

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    Teen who brutally beat baby charged with murder


    Neighbors said they often saw Mr. Quirindongo and Ms. Ferrer together with the baby, but the nature of their relationship is unclear. Both Ms. Ferrer and Mr. Quirindongo deny having ever had a romantic relationship, a police source said.

    Hmmmm I hate when reports contradict each other!

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    I wish they could get the story straight too but I'm glad to see there is a murder charge.

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    June 29, 2011
    By Graham Kates

    Probe into teen’s mental state delays baby murder trial

    A judge last week agreed to allow more time to determine whether a teenager accused of beating a 9-month-old baby to death in May is psychologically fit to stand trial.

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    From last month:


    An accused Bronx baby killer who has spent the past four years at Rikers Island apparently found another way Tuesday to stall justice. Martin Quirindongo, 21, did not show up at Bronx Supreme Court because he was “medically unfit” to leave jail, a memo from the Department of Correction said. The memo did not specify a specific ailment...

    During his last court date for the May 3, 2011 beating death of 9-month-old Ryan Ferrer, Quirindongo claimed that his newfound religion of Islam barred him from appearing on Fridays.

    He’s now missed nine straight court dates dating back to last June, and has refused to speak with court psychologists or even his defense lawyer, said officials.

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    Sept 2015:

    A Bronx man held at the city jail for four years, accused of killing a baby, clocked a correction captain so hard he needed over 20 staples to mend his bludgeoned skull, according to court papers.

    Martin Quirindongo, 22, punched Rikers Captain Claudel Jean-Pierre early Aug. 29 in the George R. Vierno Center...

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