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    IL - Destiny Cox, 3, beaten to death, Chenoa, 28 April 2011


    Gharrett eventually told police that after Destiny threw up, he grabbed (her) and took her into the bathroom.
    “While holding Destiny in the bathroom, Gharrett claimed that she fell out of his arms into the tub and hit her head. The defendant then admitted that he actually threw the victim into the tub and she hit her head. He also admitted that he ‘flew off the handle’ after Destiny threw up on herself and the floor and that was why he threw her into the tub,” according to the statement.

    RIP Destiny......

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    From May 2013:


    Describing the life of 3-year-old Destiny Cox as a “living hell,” a McLean County prosecutor said she was physically abused by her mother’s boyfriend after they moved in with him and his family in Chenoa...

    The child’s mother, Candis Ethridge, previously pleaded guilty to child endangerment and was placed on 24 months of probation.
    From July 2013:


    “This sentence will ensure he will serve his 100th birthday in the Department of Corrections,” said Foley, sending 25-year-old Gharrett to prison for 76 years for the 2011 murder of 3-year-old Destiny Cox. A packed courtroom erupted in applause at the sentence.

    In convicting Gharrett, Foley said trial testimony showed he “spanked Destiny, made her hold up the wall for lengthy periods of time, hit the back of her head, made her eat hot peppers, smacked her on her hand and legs, popped her in the mouth, picked her up and threw her, karate-kicked her in the chest, head-butted her, and made her engage in punishment known as ‘get cracking’ where she would be forced to hold a push-up position with her feet on the wall.”

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