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    Levi Page Show at 9PM Eastern 2011.05.7

    Levi Page
    Breaking news: A judge denies Casey Anthony's motion to ban her parents from the court room during her trial! This as Casey Anthony refuses to meet with her mom on the eve of jury selection! Attorney Holly Hughes weighs in on the latest tonight at 9 PM ET! Click the link below to listen live!


    Link to show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/levipag...ny-murder-case

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    bringing this up!

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    Thanks for the show, Levi and Holly

    Hey, Levi, thanks! Just now an listening, and I think Holly Hughes made a good point about the Defense Team not wanting G & A and were hoping the Prosecutors would want them out, too, so the Defense Team wouldn't appear to be the bad guys. The DT (and Casey) didn't want them in all along. Interesting.

    Thanks, again. Levi and Holly.
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    Excellent show! If you weren't able to hear it live, you will definately want to listen to the recorded show. Tomorrows the day, guys! The big show starts tomorrow! I can't wait for justice for Caylee!

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