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How do you and others continue to be suspicious of JA? She was a concerned friend who had the guts to call the police. What lies did she tell? None. She also has no motive for being involved.
There is a line of thinking that if the CPD did not only fail to close down any reasonable alternative suspect but in fact any possible scenario, then the conclusion is that BC was railroaded.

So, for example, the other guy is the child's father, and he murders NC from the back of a van driven by two hispanics. Meanwhile, JA decides to initiate, on the spot (or perhaps with prior planning with "the other guy") a scheme to frame BC because she was angry NC had perhaps talked to her husband, BA. Using her powers of persuasion, she controlled all flow of information to the police. The conspiracy was furthered when CPD agreed to destroy critical evidence that would have exonerated BC, and the FBI agreed to either plant or overlook the planting of evidence of a fairly vague nature that would incriminate BC. This was to support the town council's plan that the town is only safe if the murderer is a spouse, not just that the murderer is caught (ignoring that leaving the real murderer on the loose could lead to another murder thereby destroying the town's image).

Take a moment, and then stay with me Agent Mulder. BC's ex-lover supported the alibi of the other guy who may have murdered NC, even though she had a fondness for BC and continued to support him after the murder - or did she?? The conspiracy continued when modestly paid DA's agreed to prosecute the framed innocent BC to support Cary's plan to keep a high-income neighborhood safe-seeming by the genius plan of leaving a murderer on the loose. Quite naturally, the judge was in on this.

Also, the child custody judge was in on it, and also the divorce attorney who very unfairly asked BC about his actions the night/morning of the murder knowing full well that might cause him to lie, which is very unfair. BC's ex-fiance, whose name he could not remember, was in on it. Cisco was in on it, coming up with late breaking "evidence."

This extremely reasonable scenario that was never debunked will require a United Nations panel to resolve, involving as the conspiracy does common citizens, a murderer, local law enforcement, federal law enforcement, a judge, and several DA's. And until that UN panel finally generates an unbiased report, we simply must live with the fact that an innocent man was railroaded with no hope of prevailing against a multi-level conspiracy of the very worst sort. JFK, MLK, Princess Diana, BC, all victims of highly organized conspiracies.

You can laugh at my theory if you want, but until law enforcement proves that did not happen, it is only logical to believe BC is innocent.