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    TX - Courtney Gass, 26, Anika Allgood, 2, & Kevin Bones, 35, Texas City, 5 July 2009


    Allgood, 32, has been charged only with killing girlfriend Courtney Gass, 26, who was shot once in the head in the living room of their North Side apartment.

    But police made two other gruesome discoveries in the home that July 2009 morning, hours after Allgood, a self-styled rap producer, was found walking outside with a semi-automatic rifle. The couple's daughter, Anika, 2, and family friend Kevin Bones, 26, were also dead, also shot in the head.

    Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/loc...#ixzz1LozGlNmH

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    Here's a pretty long article from the beginning of the case that explains the background of the suspect with the victims.



    Violence marked couple's lives

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    An industrial rock enthusiast, Allgood started a relationship four years ago with Gass, a fan of punk rock, after they met through the Galveston-area underground music scene.

    Records obtained from the Texas City Police Department and CPS show that Anika was born into a home filled with chaos and domestic violence. Both her parents have other children living with guardians.

    Texas City police were called to the couple's various residences seven times on allegations of assaults or domestic disturbances during the first year of Anika's life. In three of those occasions, Gass was listed as a victim and Allgood as the suspect. In the four other occasions, the positions were reversed.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<full article at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/loc...#ixzz1LxhrtoTm

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    Slaying victim was set to leave boyfriend, witness says
    Woman's friend testifies at murder trial.

    But prosecutors have scoffed at Allgood's varied explanations of what happened, including assertions that Gass is the one who killed Bones and their daughter.

    Austin resident Dawn Pennington told jurors Thursday she had known Allgood, Gass and Bones for years through the music scene in Texas City, where they all once lived.

    In June, Gass had taken a bus from San Antonio to Austin to see Screeching Weasel, one of her favorite punk rock bands, Pennington testified. Soon after that trip, Pennington said she began preparing her apartment for Gass and her daughter to move in.

    Allgood, she said, had not been invited to join them in the move.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<full article at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/default/...#ixzz1LxjjJdsM

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    Friends of murder victims want 'justice for three' shot dead

    Prosecutors Monday showed the jury dozens of pictures from the crime scene where they said Allgood opened fire with an assault rifle.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<full article and video at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! And I'm soooo SORRY for buggin 'ya with all the emails!

    This case has deeply affected members of my family that have been long time acquaintances and friends of Bones, Gass and Allgood.

    This is a awful thing that has happen to people who are very loved and missed. I feel like everyone should see their faces, hear their story and know just how much they meant to so many people.

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    Allgood found guilty in Gass murder
    SAN ANTONIO — A Bexar County jury took about an hour to find former Texas City resident Christopher Allgood guilty in the July 2009 murder of his girlfriend Courtney Gass.

    "I feel great, elated and wonderful," Courtney's father Dale Gass said not long after the jury read its verdict.

    Allgood was never charged in the deaths of the couple's 2-year-old daughter Anika or Kevin Bones, 35, also a Texas City native, who was staying at their San Antonio apartment during Independence Day weekend of 2009. They also were shot in the head with a semi-automatic rifle, authorities said.

    "I am very happy with how it's gone so far," Gass said as he drove back to Texas City from the courthouse in San Antonio.

    Asked if he felt a sense of justice in his daughter's death, Gass said: "A little bit. It's a step in the right direction."

    Allgood faces up to life in prison. The punishment phase of the trial begins Monday morning.

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    Women testify to killer's violence

    In the decade before Christopher Allgood's girlfriend, their young daughter and a friend were found shot to death in his North Side apartment, three other women had accused him of holding a gun to their heads and threatening to kill them.

    He was also accused of having stabbed another student at his Texas City high school.

    That's what jurors were told Monday as two of his exes and the alleged stabbing victim testified for the punishment phase of Allgood's murder trial.

    Allgood, who was convicted last week of killing live-in girlfriend Courtney Gass, faces up to life in prison. He was never charged in the slayings of daughter Anika, 2, or friend Kevin Bones, 35, but prosecutors have suggested he shot them moments after Gass' death.

    Jurors are expected to begin deliberating his punishment today.

    Ex-wife Deborah Hagebusch and ex-girlfriend Andrea Bremermann both described Allgood as someone who had a quick temper that often resulted in beatings. Hagebusch recalled waking up one night to Allgood choking her, accusing her of cheating on him as he pulled out a gun and pistol-whipped her.

    “He cocked the gun and put it up against my face and said, ‘I'm going to splatter your brains all over this room,'” Hagebusch testified.

    On another occasion, she said, she filed a false police report stating a stranger assaulted her after Allgood knocked out a tooth during a fight.

    During a fight years earlier with Bremermann, he held a shotgun to her forehead and asked, “Do you want to (expletive) die, *****?” Bremermann recalled.

    Bremermann said Allgood twice held a hunting knife to her throat. He was arrested for public intoxication on another occasion after he followed her to a police station and tried to kick out her car window in the parking lot, she and a Texas City police officer testified. He would often rape her after fights, she said.

    The last time he beat her, she said, was after they had broken up and she agreed to go for a ride with him so they could talk. But when he started hitting her again and driving to a remote location, she realized she was in trouble, she said.

    “He started saying, ‘You're going to die tonight, *****,'” and threw her cell phone out the window as she tried to call 911, she said. “I believe that night I would have died if I hadn't jumped out of that truck.”

    A third girlfriend was not called to testify Monday. But prosecutors said Allgood was convicted of making a terroristic threat after holding a gun to her head as well.

    Another charge, for misdemeanor assault, came after he stabbed Texas City resident Matt Hancock four times during a fistfight that Allgood initiated, the former high school buddy testified.

    Allgood's exes were all exaggerating or outright lying, his stepmother testified Monday. Gass was a “horrible mother” who was severely bipolar, addicted to Vicodin and never seemed to make a connection with their baby, Amy Allgood said.

    “He loved (Anika).” Amy Allgood said, repeating the defense's earlier contention that her son shot Gass in self-defense after she killed their daughter and friend. “She was a daddy's girl.”

    The defendant's aunt and a former band member gave similar descriptions of Allgood's and Gass' parenting skills.

    Video: http://www.kens5.com/news/local/Ex-g...121900309.html

    Video: http://www.kens5.com/news/Convicted-...121957764.html

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    Jury Deliberates More Than 3 Hours

    SAN ANTONIO -- Prosecutors asked the jury to sentence Christopher Allgood, 32, to life in prison. His lawyers asked for 15 years.

    After deliberating for just more than three hours, the jury said 75 years.

    Video: http://www.ksat.com/video/27930146/index.html