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    WY - Kenneth Fauson, 23 mos, beaten to death, Cheyenne, 16 May 2003

    CHEYENNE - If the toddler didn't have a chance in the hands of the teen who killed him, then neither did that teen, a defense attorney argued Thursday in asking a judge for a lesser sentence for Matthew Retherford.

    Retherford was sentenced to 20 to 22 years in prison for beating a toddler he was babysitting in May 2003. That prison term was outlined in a plea agreement when Retherford, now 17, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder four months ago. He could have been ordered to serve 20 years to life in prison under state statute, but his attorney, David Serelson, advocated for rehabilitation and consideration of the teen's physical build and age.

    The toddler's aunt, parents and grandmother listened as Serelson spoke, but didn't support anything less than prison time for Retherford, aunt Debra Carey said.

    Her nephew, Kenneth Fauson, died two months after an admittedly angry Retherford struck him. The teenager was staying with the boy's family at an Avenue B-6 home, and was watching the toddler and his siblings while their mother was out for the evening.

    Retherford was angry that he was left with the children and because he had lost a job, a prosecutor told the court. He earlier told the court he lost his temper with the wrong person, and he slapped Kenny.

    Serelson's argument for reform school, boot camp, and then years of supervised and unsupervised probation upset the family, Carey said.

    She, her mother and Kenny's father, Herman Fauson, traveled from Colorado Springs, Colo., for the sentencing. On their shirts they pinned round buttons framing a photo of a smiling Kenny. "In loving memory," the buttons' script read.

    Both Herman Fauson and Jessica Fauson, Kenny's mother, were too emotional to tell Laramie County District Judge Nicholas Kalokathis how they felt, even with prepared statements before them. Instead, Kalokathis read them and looked at the pictures given to him.

    One showed Kenny before his death. The other photograph was of him lying in his coffin, Carey said.


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    This is so sad. Kind of reminds me of the Matthew Eapen case; Louise Woodward was the Au Pair who murdered him. He was only 8 months old. How anyone could ever murder an innocent helpless baby, toddler, or child is beyond me.

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    Twenty years? That's it?

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    sweet nephew of mine

    sweet baby boy we all mis you each and every day, life without you has been so sad, we visit your grave and leave you toys and flowers and talk to you. we know you are an angel now with god and at peace.

    i will never unerstand how a person can ever harm a child, what mathew has done will never be forgiven by me.

    we all love you kenneth and we will never forget! love aunt debbie

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    20years is not enough

    20years is not long enough no matter how old a person is its still murder and matt still took his life he should not ever get out of prison and have a life when he took one. everyday that goes by i dont stop thinking about Kenneth and how much i hate Matt. i'm kenneths big cousin Debbra Careys Daughter Heather im 17years old why someone could kill my baby cousion i will never know but it is soooo very hard to go on with out him and seeing what it has done to my family what he did will NEVER EVER be forgiven by ME or ANYONE ELSE that loved kenneth we will never stop mourning we will never forget what he has done its a fight to even get out of bed in the mornning and take it day by day i will never foget the day i got to see my Baby cousin in a cuffin i fell to the floor crying with a memory lock of his face thats not supposed to happen he was just a littel baby
    We will love and miss you Kenneth forever you will never!!
    Be forgotten

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    This is so sad, a real tragedy.

    Hopefully a small silver lining in this whole story, other parents won't think of leaving their helpless children with an angry teenage boy who doesn't want to babysit them. This thread is so full of pain, you can hear the heartache in the posts.

    Everyone who hears and is touched by this story will think twice before they leave a helpless child with someone not fit to care for him.

    And that may be Kenneth's powerful legacy for those who knew him.

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