We all share the roadways with huge vehicles that aren't required to institute safety regulations that have been reccomended for years/decades.

The National Transportation Safety Board began a two-day forum Tuesday to hear from federal regulators, safety experts, and the truck and bus industries about what is being done to prevent deadly accidents and why past safety recommendations some of them decades old haven't been enacted.

The Obama administration has proposed several steps to toughen bus and truck regulation. One proposal would require equipping trucks and buses with devices that record how many hours drivers are behind the wheel. Fatigue is a factor in about 40 percent of all truck crashes.
The administration also wants to reduce the daily limit on hours drivers may spend behind the wheel from 11 hours to 10 hours. The proposal also would require mandatory rest breaks, limit the overall work day to 14 hours and require drivers be given more time off to rest when they've reached their weekly driving limit of 60 hours.

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