Phoulivay Thetsombandith

Endangered Missing from San Diego, California since August 18, 1991

Age: 20 -- Height: 5'4" -- Weight: 115 lbs -- Hair Color: Black -- Eye Color: Brown

Phouvilay was a Laotian citizen who was in San Diego visiting with relatives and trying to learn English. Thetsombandith lived at his uncle's East San Diego home.

He was taken at gunpoint and murdered by Percyval Dryden, who was convicted of the crime, given 19 years to life in prison for second-degree murder and the use of a gun. Phouvilay was walking to an uncle's house four blocks away when he was forced into a car at gunpoint by four or five men. Dryden, had mistaken him for his cousin. Dryden has said that he did not know where the body was.

Thetsombandith, who had been planning to join his parents in Salt Lake City while they visited from Laos, was never seen again. Phouvilay's family in Laos are hoping that remains will someday be recovered so they can lay him to rest as their Buddhist tradition requires.


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