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    Roadkill exhibit. Bring your mashed & smashed pets!

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    santa cruz, california
    hi blue! when we were kids growing up in new jersey, my sister and i found a stray cat outside on a cold, snowy winter nite. we knew our mom wouldn't let us bring home any more pets, we already had 3 cats and a dog, so we put the cat in the garage over nite for safe keeping. first thing next morning we ran in to see how our new friend was doing only to find him sitting on the car frozen solid. ooops! really felt sad but he did look kinda neat.

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    LEX. You're really going to be off my list hon the next time I visit SF area

    I found a badly mamed cat once on the road, took him home and we "gassed" him. Put him in a box and turned on the truck.

    VERY SAD and hard to do but he wouldn't eat or anything. Couldn't walk either. He was near death. I swear that was so hard to start the truck.

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