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    CA - Larry Fisk, 57, murdered, Palm Springs, 13 Nov 2009

    I searched and searched and can find no thread on this murder. If the mods know of one, please merge this. I don't understand how this woman is NOT guilty of murder. I also don't understand why LE would take her journal without a search warrant. She seems central to the murder, however.


    Girlfriend to be tried as accessory in ‘satanic' murder

    "Prosecutors for a third time lost out on their bid to try a 39-year-old woman on a murder charge for playing a role in a Palm Springs slaying that investigators claim had satanic overtones.

    Superior Court Judge Victoria E. Cameron ordered Wednesday that there was insufficient evidence to hold Cara Williams-Covert to answer for a murder charge, instead decreeing that she stand trial on being an accessory to a murder.

    Cameron ruled that there was insufficient evidence that Williams-Covert knew her boyfriend, 49-year-old Dale Farquhar, would murder Larry Roger Fisk, 57, of Apple Valley, when she brought Fisk back to a Palm Springs condominium on Nov. 13, 2009. A jury convicted Farquhar, 49, of second-degree murder in June 2010, and he was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison..."


    "...The judge ruled that a journal that had been used in Farquhar's trial that indicated the pair had acted out a satanic script in the killing was inadmissible because police had failed to obtain a warrant to seize it...."


    "....the journal showed that Williams-Covert called herself a “witch'' and Farquhar identified himself as a “true demon'' and a “sociopath.''

    more at link (and mug shot)

    And an earlier article on Farquhar's conviction:


    'Demon' Convicted Of Second-Degree Murder In Friday The 13th Death
    June 8, 2010

    "A Palm Springs man was convicted today of second-degree murder in the Friday the 13th shooting of an Apple Valley man who was lured to his death by the defendant's girlfriend...."

    more at link (and video)

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    When they said script, they really meant script:


    "....Prosecutors alleged the couple came to Palm Springs last October to write a horror script and commit mass murder. In the script, Farquhar played a character named Dave Hatcher, a transsexual in an open relationship with a ``witch'' named Cat. Williams-Covert allegedly played Cat, a meth addict who lured men to
    their condo for sex...."


    "...Farquhar's attorney said during his client's trial that Williams-Covert was not a witch and Farquhar was not a demon, arguing that the pair were writing a fictionalized script that was not based in fact.....

    more at link

    The script might have been fiction but a man still ended up dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missizzy View Post
    I don't understand how this woman is NOT guilty of murder. I also don't understand why LE would take her journal without a search warrant. She seems central to the murder, however.
    Missizzy I haven't read up on this case, only read what you have posted. But I wonder if perhaps the search warrant they used to search the home was only for him, and his belongings. And since the diary was hers, it wouldn't have been covered by the warrant. So the diary would get thrown out of the case, and anything that was found as a result of finding the diary would also be thrown out as "fruit of the poisonous tree." And after that was thrown out it left them with "insufficient evidence" to prosecute a case. Not saying that she was innocent, only that there wasn't enough evidence left to prosecute the case.

    LE has to be very very careful when they enter a shared residence to do a search. And it isn't always easily apparent who owns what in the residence. Likely they saw the diary, read enough to know that it discussed the time period of the murder, or perhaps even to know that it did discuss the murder and they seized it, only to find out later that it was written by her, not him.

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    mysteriew--You're probably correct. I have to wonder, though, why so much testimony and discussion was allowed in the original case concerning some of the statements in that diary. I would have thought that the defense would have objected to any mention of the words, "demon", "witch", and "satanic" but they didn't. So, it must have been allowed as evidence in Farquhar's trial.

    I think it's also of note that the prosecutors tried three times to charge this woman with murder. They surely were not giving up easily. Just wondering, when there's a search warrant, how can it be quickly determined just who a journal belongs to--unless there's an inscription or name. And what if two people write in a single one?

    These two are mighty sick, IMO. They want to write a horror script....fine with me. But they acted it out. I have to hope that their past travels and activities have been thoroughly investigated.

    I'm still totally shocked that this got past WS. I've searched for every possible word in our archive and nothing comes up.

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    10:40 AM, Jun. 10, 2011

    Murder charge dismissed against woman accused in 'satanic' death

    A judge today dismissed a murder charge against a woman accused of taking part with her boyfriend in a slaying with satanic overtones at her Palm Springs condominium, but prosecutors immediately filed an accessory-to-murder count against her.

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    The county is certainly not giving up on this. This was their fourth attempt. I wonder why the evidence does not hold up, according to the judge?

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