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    Gail Palmgren timeline, Signal Mountain, 30 April 2011

    Continual discussion at http://bit.ly/k8UB3F

    November 17, 2010 - Signal Mountain Police are called to the Palmgren's home in response to a verbal disorder. Police records show Matthew and Gail Palmgren had an argument over their missing dog. Gail went to spend the night with Matthew's mother at her Mountain Creek apartment.

    Friday, April 22, 2011

    First 911 call—dispute regarding travel in vehicles to lake house

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    1:49 pm Text from Gail to Arlene Dunham.

    Second 911 call—Gail given numbers for safe place to stay. Resolved when
    “Matthew Palmgren agreed to stay at 40 Ridgerock Drive and let Gail Palmgren
    take their two children…to their lake house in Wetumpka, AL for the night,”
    according to the police report

    40 Ridgerock Drive, Signal Mountain, TN 37377-2100
    to 439 Easy St, Wetumpka, AL 36092-3406
    (Lake Jordan, Elmore County)

    Gail stopped at Arlene Durham's home in Titus, AL
    (Lake Jordan)
    just north of Wetumpka, on the night of April 29

    Saturday, April 30, 2011

    12:15 pm: Gail brought children home to
    40 Ridgerock Drive, Signal Mountain, TN 37377-2100
    and left sans driver's license, credit cards
    driving a Dark Red Jeep Wrangler Rubicon http://bit.ly/m7RYJA

    Matt P. said he was at his mothers (25 minutes away)
    he proposed to meet Mrs. Palmgren at the residence on April 30,
    http://bit.ly/kAOioC whitepages.com
    http://bit.ly/kouRZD http://bit.ly/k2o9ha
    but when he arrived (at what time?) she was gone,
    having left the two children "by themselves without any supervision."

    Time (EDT) Temp. Visibility Wind Dir Wind Speed Gust Speed Conditions
    11:53 AM 72.0 F 10.0 miles WNW 3.5 mph Scattered Clouds
    12:53 PM 73.9 F 10.0 miles South 8.1 mph Scattered Clouds
    01:53 PM 77.0 F 10.0 miles SSE 8.1 mph 19.6 mph Clear
    02:53 PM 78.1 F 10.0 miles SSW 5.8 mph Partly Cloudy
    03:53 PM 80.1 F 10.0 miles SSW 12.7 mph 25.3 mph N/A Partly Cloudy
    04:53 PM 80.1 F 10.0 miles South 9.2 mph 18.4 mph N/A Clear
    05:53 PM 80.1 F 10.0 miles South 9.2 mph Clear
    06:53 PM 79.0 F 10.0 miles South 8.1 mph Clear
    07:53 PM 78.1 F 10.0 miles SSE 5.8 mph Clear
    08:53 PM 73.0 F 10.0 miles Calm Calm Scattered Clouds
    09:53 PM 68.0 F 10.0 miles Calm Calm Scattered Clouds
    10:53 PM 66.9 F 10.0 miles Calm Calm Scattered Clouds
    11:53 PM 66.0 F 10.0 miles SE 3.5 mph Scattered Clouds

    http://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/KCHA/2011/4/30/DailyHistory.html?req_city=NA&req_state=NA&req_sta[/url] tename=NA

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Gail Palmgren's sister, Diane Nichols, calls Signal Mountain Police
    from her home in New York. Nichols reports not hearing from Gail,
    and requests a welfare check and files a missing persons report.
    An officer drove to the Palmgren's home. No one was home and
    there were no signs of foul play. Later that day, Matthew Palmgren
    calls 911 to report his wife missing. He tells police his wife dropped
    their children off at home alone and had not been seen since.

    Third 911 call: Gail is reported as missing
    Gail Palmgren http://bit.ly/m9mHfw

    5:00 pm: WalMart area cell tower phone ping
    Walmart 501 Signal Mountain Rd, Chattanooga, TN
    which cell phone service did Gail have?

    ATT Sprint Verizon Cell Towers
    http://bit.ly/mT5X8h (scroll down, filter)

    topo mao

    Gail Palmgren's whereabouts are a mystery that has only been intensified by her
    last conversation with her sister Diane, before Palmgren was last seen.
    "She was nervous. She was anxious. She sounded scared," says Diane Nichols.
    Palmgren wouldn't say why she was scared but the Nichols made out this much,
    "She just thought she was being followed."It was a bizzare conversation and Diane
    wonders if it's in any way connected to Gail's husband, Matthew Palmgren

    Diane Nichols, Gail's sister, said traces on Gail Palmgren’s cellphone
    directed police to an area near the north base of Signal Mountain.

    Signal Mountain Police Department
    Police Chief Boyd Veal

    Janice Atkinson
    Public Information Officer
    Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

    Raccoon Mountain Pumped Station Reservoir

    ECSO joins in search for Gail
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