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    Two sad stories of teachers falsely accused of molestation

    It does happen. I don't think it's nearly as common as some would like us to believe but it happens. I have to believe that children who do this have serious emotional problems and strike out at someone who angers them. It would be devastating to be innocent and charged with such a horrid crime. We must sit up and take notice when someone is vindicated and their reputation restored. I'm really pleased that these stories are getting some media attention. My heart goes out to these men and I hope they can continue to teach....and to forgive.


    Teacher: False molestation charge has ‘been a nightmare’
    Jury took 47 minutes to acquit him, but he still doesn’t have his job back — and owes $125K

    "It took a jury in northern Virginia just 47 minutes to decide that popular gym teacher and soccer coach Sean Lanigan had been falsely accused of sexually assaulting a student, a 12-year-old girl angered over the fact that he had chastised her. But even now, nearly a year after he was acquitted of all charges, there’s no way of knowing how long it will take for Lanigan to piece his life back together...."

    more at link



    Teacher Cleared of Molestation Allegations; Student Charged

    "The State Attorney’s Office in Florida says an elementary school music teacher did not inappropriately touch a 10-year-old girl and charges against him have been dropped. Kenneth Campbell was arrested in April on charges he fondled a 10-year-old student. The student has since admitted she made the story up so that she could change schools.

    The 10-year-old girl has been charged with filing a false police report..."

    more at link

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    I got a sick feeling when I read the first case, because there are so many similarities to another case that happened in Fairfax County. Popular PE teacher (Craig Gordon), head of the patrols, lots of defenders, sixth-grade accusers. A quick Google search showed others making the same comparison. http://www.fairfaxunderground.com/fo...353794,quote=1

    I also see some of the same red flag behaviors: "I have a high comfort zone with children, including young girls," [Lanigan] said. "I do all that -- pick them up, swing them around." http://ww2.fairfaxtimes.com/cms/story.php?id=1587

    The case against Lanigan did seem to fall apart, though.

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    I saw that too, T-Rex, and a few of my own flags were waving around. But I've made a conscious decision to try really hard to not be cynical and to trust our justice system. I didn't hear and see what the jury did. This man's name was well publicized and it doesn't seem as if any other victims have come forward. I haven't seen a statement by the accuser and whether the prosecutor plans to go forward with any other charges. I'll keep an eye on the case but for now, I wanted to get it out there that two men had been vindicated.

    I just feel it's important to keep in mind that not everyone who is arrested is guilty. Sure, some get off on a technicality or the failure of a witness to appear, but some people standing trial are innocent. There are some sick children out there who do know the power of this accusation. I happen to worry very much about where they're heading as I don't think this is a singular event in their lives.

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    The accuser took contact that falls in a grey area and added false details to make it more damning.

    She did not, as the press implies, post on Facebook that the accusation was a joke. "it wuz a joke tho lyk always he picks up gurls as a joke nd I feel rlly bad. Nd I swear I dident wnt to go this far I told cuz some1 told me too nd I thought he wud just get a warning but no.”

    A former student posted on a message board that his 'joking' with girls has been going on for many years.

    Another posted that her complaint against him had gotten him removed from a previous school.
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    I still have to remind myself that I did not hear or see what the jury did. They deliberated for less than an hour. That's almost no time at all. Something about this young girl's story did not hold up, IMO. As far as the "joking", I think you'll find an awful lot of popular male teachers who are known for their silly behaviors and for having true fun with their students. The good ones are jewels, IMO.

    And in the second case, the young girl recanted. Her recantation sounds genuine and she's being charged.

    I simply have to believe that mistakes can be made, actions can be misread, men can be innocent.

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