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    People involved and their initials

    I've looked and can't find the answer to this... I know the answer is somewhere BUT could someone point me to where the list of people and their initials are please. I can't figure out who KC is

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    KC: Casey Anthony (To distinguish her from her mother CA. )
    CA: Cindy Anthony

    GA: George Anthony
    LA: Lee Anthony

    LE: Law Enforcement

    CM: Cheney Mason
    JB: Jose Baez

    JA: Jeff Ashton
    LDB: Linda Drane Burdick

    HHJP: His Honor Judge Perry

    DS: Dorothy Simms
    AF: Ann Finnell

    ICA: Inmate Casey Anthony
    John 14:6

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    thank you!! I skim the posts too much and it didn't register

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    Ai yi yi! That's the main one!! She's the "boss" of the family, according to her father.

    Say it slowly . . . . K(ay) C(ee) . . . . KC . . . . what does it sound like? We could ALSO call her CA, but that's what we call her mother. Some people call her ICA, as in Inmate C A.

    In other words, we don't literally use her initials, just letters that sound like her name. It helps to distinguish her from the rest.

    I'm guessing you've got it now!!

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