DALLAS (AP) What do you get for that special someone who has just about everything? How about a zeppelin? The 12-seater could be yours for a mere $10 million from the 2004 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

Other gifts in the book include a $1.7 million personal submarine, jeweled Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head figurines at $8,000 apiece and a $20,000 suit of armor.

"It would be a great gift for the executive who has everything," armor maker Jeff Wasson said, thumbing the steel visor higher on his forehead so he could see out from under his 65-pound suit of armor. "I mean, what boy hasn't dreamed of being a knight in shining armor?"

The luxury retailer released its annual catalog of gifts Tuesday. There's also a his-and-hers gift: a four-lane bowling alley for $1.45 million, including large-screen plasma TVs, personalized shirts and bowling lessons from a pro.

"This is state of the art," Chris Barnes said. Barnes is one of the highest-ranked men on the Professional Bowling Association tour, but even he doesn't have a private lane.

The two-seat, 22-foot-long submarine can dive 1,500 feet and cruise at 8 knots. Unlike a conventional submarine, it descends by using thrust instead of ballast.

"It's designed to cover a lot of ground. You can follow dolphins or view a shipwreck," said Jay Wade, co-founder of the maker, Deep Flight Submersibles of San Francisco.

Neiman Marcus gift scout Ginger Reeder found the submarine at a marine technology show in Monterey, Calif., and met Wasson, the artist and armor maker, in New York "When I asked him if he could make a suit of armor for us, he asked, 'Do you want 14th century or 15th century?'"

Reeder traveled to Germany to check out another mode of transportation, a 12-passenger zeppelin.

"It's the most exciting gift I've ever tried out in eight years of doing this," Reeder said. "It's not like riding in an airplane. It's more akin to sailing in the air."

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