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    Big cash discovery becomes lesson in honesty for Bountiful family

    Wow! It's nice to be reminded there are still wonderful, honest caring people in this world!

    "While taking it all in, he noticed a tiny scrap of carpet peeking out of a small door in the ceiling of a workshop at the back of the garage. He got a ladder and climbed up to explore the unseen space. It was dark and musty, but Ferrin could see a black metal box sitting there.

    It was a heavy metal box — the kind used to haul ammunition during World War II — and it was filled with cash, old stamps, bond certificates and other random memorabilia.

    'I immediately closed it, locked it in my truck and called my wife. 'You won't believe what I just found,'" he said. Tara Ferrin immediately knew the couple had to return the money to its rightful owners.'"


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    What awesome character this family has. Bravo! The lesson he taught his children will go on for generations.
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    Great Story!

    I love stories about honest people doing the right thing! They should teach a class in all public schools that feeds youngsters with these uplifting stories that may encourage THEM to do the right thing when faced with a situation that requires a good decision or a bad one. Yes, honesty 101 sounds like a great class to me! I say all students should take that class yearly, beginning with kindergarten.
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    I would hope a reward for the honesty was given. That would complete the circle of a morally fine happening!
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