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    LAPD seeks info regarding 6 missing persons and two murder victims

    While old information I think this deserves a thread to get more attention.
    I hadn't seen the flyer before.

    LAPD seeks information in the form of a flyer:


    6 missing persons pictured include Ayellah Marshall, Rolenia Morris, Cathern Davis, Lisa Knox, Rosalind Giles, Anita Parker.

    Additionally, they want to know about the murder of 28-year old Inez Warren
    The victim was discovered on 8/15/1988, in the 10300 block of
    Western Avenue, shot once in the upper torso. Detectives working the Grim
    Sleeper Task Force are seeking information about this murder victim.
    They also want to know more about the person pictured in the photo 117 in the previously released photos.

    An article from April:

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    230 cases now being looked in to to see if they have any evidence linking them to the defendant

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    That's good news, looking at additional cases. Who knows, even if they don't find links to Franklin, just relooking at old cases might bring about some fresh revelations, or other significant advances.

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    Time to necro the thread, but I was looking at this UID
    https://identifyus.org/en/cases/3342 and she fit the description of Lisa Knox. UID is 65 inches and Lisa Knox is 66. The UID was found in a plastic bag,
    http://articles.latimes.com/2001/aug/30/local/me-40142 (the original news of the discovery). The address is in the news article "1624 Wollacott St" which is about 17 miles (google maps does not recognise 1000 block of 22nd St straight up but it does recognise 1000 S 22nd St and 1000 22nd Street) from where Lisa Knox went missing. Considering Franklin was a garbage collector and was described to as disposing his victims like trash, the UID being in a plastic bag seems to fit. The dumpsite is only slightly outside the south central, so that does not match perfectly.

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