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    NC - Tristen "Buddy" Myers, 4, Roseboro, 5 Oct 2000

    Updated Photo of Buddy Myers Released
    Boy, Now 8, Disappeared 4 Years Ago

    October 5, 2004

    ROSEBORO, N.C. -- Four years after 4-year-old
    Tristen "Buddy" Myers disappeared, authorities have released a new photo of what they think he may look like today.

    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children created a computer-enhanced composite to reflect how Myers might look at age 8.


    The boy disappeared from his Roseboro home after wandering off with his dogs. The dogs returned a few days later, but Myers hasn't been seen since.

    Several searches of the area near his home turned up nothing.

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    Tristen Alan Myers

    Nickname: “Buddy”
    Date Missing: 10/5/00
    Missing from: Roseboro, NC
    DOB: 7/16/96
    Age at Disappearance: 4 years
    Sex: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 3’1”
    Weight: 38 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde
    Other: Scar on the left side of his neck.

    Circumstances:Tristen was last seen at home in Roseboro, North Carolina taking a nap on the living room floor. At the time of his disappearance, Tristen was wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes. Tristen may be in need of medical attention. Tristen's photo is shown age-progressed to 6 years by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

    Contact Information:
    If you have information concerning this abduction, please contact:
    Sampson County Sheriff’s Office (910) 592-4141

    Printable Flyer:

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    Just wanted to add a bit of belated information about this missing child. Sadly Buddys mother died a few months ago..............

    "Fayetteville police say the biological mother of Tristen "Buddy" Myers died Friday morning after jumping from a moving vehicle.

    "A preliminarly investigation has revealed that Myers, 23, was severely injured when she jumped from the passenger side of the car and struck her head on the pavement.

    Myers was transported to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center where she later died around 6:22 am.

    "Buddy" Myers disappeared from the Sampson County home of his aunt more than three years ago.

    No information has been released about the driver of the vehicle."

    I think its so sad that she never got to see her son again.

    Police originally thought that Buddy was lost in the woods or maybe drowned in a pond when he first went missing- at 4 years old- in 2000.

    I doubt this because Buddy went missing in October 5th 2004 with his 2 pet dogs and extensive searches of the woods found neither Buddy or the dogs................

    However, one dog returned on October 10th 2000- he just came right up to the house. The second dog returned by himself on October 14th 2000, again of his own accord.


    I believe someone took Buddy for themself- they were bothered enough to look after the dogs, so he could be alive somewhere. PLEASE LOOK AT THE AGED PHOTO OF BUDDY and think of him for a moment. His mother is dead- but he has many other relatives who miss and love him.

    http://www.missingkids.com/missingk...earchLang=en_US - computer aged photo.

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    How sad ....

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    I currently live in the area and Buddy is mentioned everywhere!

    His Mother was very troubled but her death is so sad as her problems got much worse after Buddy's disapearance.

    There was an intriquing lead sometime last year.A boy was put into Social Services who resembled Buddy and had been traveling with man (with an extensive police record).That man ,interestingly enough,turned out to have been ,at one time, a neighbor of Buddy's mom! DNA tests proved though it wasnt Buddy which just devestated the community here.

    There has always been speculation that an aquaintence(s) of Buddy's mother (she did not have custody of him btw.Due to her drug problems he was being raised by a relative)may have abducted him and Buddy may have gone with this person as he was familar with them and thought hed see his mother.

    I think knowing her criminal life may have had something to do with whatever happened to him just tore her apart.
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    I think I read about the other little boy who looked like Buddy........ So, so sad.

    The one thing that Buddy has going for him is his age- he was so young when he was taken and may have forgotten about his real family, or been brain-washed. Here's hoping they find him. He's still very young.

    Thankyou for the info!!

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    No news on this child at all.....

    Heres Meggilys page http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...s_tristen.html

    And all his google matches http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en...+missing&meta=

    Where is Tristan?

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    Bump!! Usher 737 has just posted that Tristans photo was on the Morgan Nick special of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" last night. Bless him.

    heres his new age progression http://www.missingkids.com/missingki...archLang=en_US


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    I hope they got some good leads off Extreme Makeover! That publicity could help to jog someone's memory about this sweet boy.

    Is it just me or does this boy in this photograph resemble Tristen?

    A lot of people think it is Zachary Bernhardt, but it looks more like Tristen to me... I'm probably totally off, but I might as well put it out there.

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    SadieJane.....I wonder if Denver ever identified this child? I'll ask and let everyone know.

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    Chills ran up and down my back just looking at that picture. Makes me sick to my stomach. What kind of a monster would do something like that to a little boy? I hope they find out who the little guy is. It's hard to really see what he looks like because it isn't real clear and not a lot of his little face shows. I thought his face looks narrower that Buddy's face. That poor little guy's arms are just toothpicks.

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    Missing Buddy Myers Remembered Five Years Later

    October 06, 2005
    By JON SOLES Of The Record Staff

    Five years ago, 4-year-old Tristen “Buddy” Myers went missing, seemingly without a trace. The Sampson County Sheriff’s Office acknowledged his case Wednesday with a press conference marking the fifth anniversary of Buddy’s disappearance and the release of an updated age-enhanced photo.

    Buddy went missing Oct. 5, 2000, from his home on Microwave Tower Road near Roseboro. His great aunt, Donna Myers, noticed Buddy was missing around 2. p.m. that day. He was last seen playing with toys in the family living room.

    Law enforcement agents and volunteers searched for Buddy for days in the surrounding area and leads were followed, but no trace of Buddy was ever found. Buddy’s pet dog was gone for a few days around the time of the disappearance but showed up back home without Buddy.

    Sheriff Jimmy Thornton recognized the still-open investigation with a speech Wednesday.

    “It is not the anniversary that I or the Myers family look forward to each year,” Sheriff Thornton said. “It is the hope to one day have an anniversary for locating him alive and well. Today we remember Tristen and pray for his safe return.”

    Continued at Link:

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    Tristen has been added to Project Jason's Adopt a Missing Person program. Please consider helping reunite him with his family by wearing his photo button and sharing his story with others. For more details on how you can make a difference, please see:

    Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
    President and Founder,
    Project Jason
    Read our Voice for the Missing Blog

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    I wonder if LE ever knew who the bio father was. The mom would have been around 15 yrs old when she got pregnant. Maybe the father was older and he decided he wanted his son. If that age progression is what Buddy looks like today he sure is a good looking boy. If someone took him I hope they have been good to him and didn't take him for the wrong reasons. He was just such a little guy at the time. I really hope he is alive and doing well somewhere.

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