A Malaysian septugenarian tied the knot in 1957 and tied it again and again - 53 times in all. This week, he's gone back to where he started, remarrying wife No. 1.

"I am not a playboy. I just love seeing beautiful women," Kamaruddin Mohammed, 72, was quoted saying by the New Straits Times newspaper.

Kamaruddin's latest bride, now 74, also was his the first woman he married and divorced.

In between marrying Khadijah Udin, in 1957 and again Monday, the "easygoing charmer" married 51 times, including to an Englishwoman and a Thai. He stayed with the Thai the longest, for 20 years, the Times said. His shortest marriage lasted two days.

All his previous marriages ended in divorce, except with the Thai woman, who died of cancer, he said.

"After she died I thought of Khadijah and sent several people to inquire. I didn't expect her to accept it," said Kamaruddin, who worked for several multinational companies before retiring in 1992.

Despite all the marriages, Kamaruddin said he is a one-woman man.

"I don't like flings. I also don't believe in marrying more than one woman at a time," he told the Times.

He said he is very happy to be reunited with Khadijah, to whom he was married the first time for only a year.