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    Dutch priest endorses pedophilia!!/wants end to ban on adult/child sex

    OVER THE TOP!!!! What in the world is this priest thinking? Not harmful??? My bunnies!! Martijn is similar to NAMBLA. Is it OK for American priests to be board members for NAMBLA?


    Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia

    "The Dutch Catholic Church and the Salesian order are investigating revelations that a Salesian priest served on the board of a group that promotes pedophilia with the full knowledge of his boss. The order's top official in the Netherlands, Delegate Herman Spronck, confirmed in a statement that the priest — identified by RTL Nieuws as 73-year-old "Father Van B." — served on the board of "Martijn," a group that campaigns to end the Dutch ban on adult-child sex. The group is widely reviled but not outlawed.

    "Of course we reject this and distance ourselves from this personal initiative" on the part of the priest, Spronck said in a statement. "Membership in such organizations does not fit with the ethos of the Salesian order."
    However, Spronck's own superior in Belgium said he will investigate both Spronck and Van B., after both men were quoted by RTL Nieuws as saying such relationships aren't always harmful...."

    More at link

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    From Wiki:

    "Vereniging MARTIJN is a Dutch association that advocates the acceptance of pedophilia and legalization of sexual relationships between adults and children. From 1986 to 2006 the group published OK magazine, available only through the mail and not in retail stores, featuring essays, letters, interviews and photographs of scarcely clothed or naked children, mostly boys. MARTIJN was expelled from the International Lesbian and Gay Association in 1994...."

    And the English version of their website:


    "....general news about adult-child love relationships as well as news about MARTIJN Association...."

    About MARTIJN:

    "What we stand for:

    "MARTIJN Association, founded in 1982, is a platform for discussion about pedophilia. MARTIJN Association fights for the social and societal acceptance of child-adult relationships. In relationships between children and adults that are experienced as pleasant, possible physical intimacy should not have to be a problem. In relation to this physical intimacy, MARTIJN Association proposes four guidelines, namely:

    1) Consent of both child and adult.
    2) Openness towards the parents of the child.
    3) Freedom for the child to withdraw from the relationship at any moment.
    4) Harmony with the child's development.

    MARTIJN Association is for the objective, scientifically verifiable truth and against political terror and discrimination. It is a platform for everyone who wants to offer a counterbalance to the dogma that children and youngsters are harmed by friendships and loving intimacy with older persons...."

    much more at link (I see no pornography but lots of sweet photos of very young children)

    And a link to OK magazine, Pan magazine (English mag about man/boy love) back issues on pdf and information about various other pedophiliac magazines. And guess what? There's the good old Nambla Bulletin:


    "....It is not easy for people who feel attracted to children to out their opinions and feelings, let alone to get them published anywhere. Practically all media, including the so-called quality papers, tend to approach this sexual preference in a very negative way. OK magazine meets this need for a platform...."

    more at link (I'm debating on whether to click on any of those pdfs)

    ETA: Of course I clicked. They are old copies in newsletter format with black and white photos of little boy. There's some nudity but the genitals are censured (at least in the pdfs) and they are in Dutch. I did find an archive of articles in English, though, which are disturbing but fascinating. Here's one which is an interview. It discusses a priest telling a pedophile that "anything over the waist is OK", forced castration, the argument that pedophiles deserve protection from discrimination, memories of a TV interview with Phil Donahue in 1987 and so on:


    Archive of interviews in English here:

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    I don't know how to put this delicately. But I spent a very intriguing day reading about the men affiliated with this group. The interviews offer a window into their thought process. I learned so much. I want to know more. I think it's only through knowledge, that we'll wade through this mess.

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