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    Thinking of ways to save our children

    I read the story about Christian Choate today. My heart is broken. After Ethan and Kyron and Zahra, this poor little boy.
    Wouldnt it work for every child to be registered in to the equivalent of a Facebook like network? There could be 3 levels of security. the first one would be that any child that is in foster care or home schooled must sign on daily or have an adult that is not their foster or egg/sperm donor provide proof of life at least once a week. This can be changed per situation - but the children could be signed on at a daycare, or school. Case managers advocates and relatives with permission could log onto level 2 access- that would be confidential - notes from day care- or POL posters as well as any comments for case managers (POL poster says mom has new bf - is concerned etc.) yes I know that this could become ugly and mud slingy but im trying to think of how to keep these children on our radar. the final security level is for children ages 7 that are in high risk homes - case workers - and /or advocates - teachers etc. While I know that an abuser can force a child to write whatever they want - there could be communication between fosters and teachers...I think it could possibly work - and at leaast they can find a way to keep proof of life and access the location of children..

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    Or we can stop giving custody of children to abusers in the first place. Christian's mother is now fighting for custody of Christina. She lost custody of her children to Riley Choate in 2005 per this article:


    I have no idea what the factors in the case were. However, I can't imagine Ms. Estrada could be less fit than Mr. Choate, because even Casey Anthony is no Riley Choate.

    The article says the Guardian Ad Litem is the same guardian from the last case that sent Christian to his abuser.....I wish they would have brought someone new in. I know we're all human, but I think the court dropped the ball protecting this little boy the first time.

    This case makes me physically sick. To hear how his stepmother's version of homeschooling was making him do writing assignments about why he still wanted to go back to his mom - WHILE HE WAS LIVING IN A CAGE!! - and just hearing that his letters always said how hungry and how thirsty he was and how he just wanted everyone to like him, and how he wanted to die.....I can't take it. I know there is a special place in Heaven for children like Christian....where everyday they hear they are loved and special, and they can eat as much as they want.

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    This looks like a good enough place as any to post something in here . I was trying to start a new thread but didn't know how to but this is the same thing . Anyway something i seen on the news and i thought it was pretty cool . Nike and lugs or timberlands boot company are going to start putting in gps tracking chips inside the shoes for kids im not sure about adult shoes but its a pretty good start the chip wont even be noticable and the store or company well keep every chip in a computer with the gps tracking . By checking the chip with a scanner they will know just what child the shoes are on and where abouts he is just like a cell phone i guess only u cant turn it off and noone other then the store and mom and dad even know about it .In case of abduction they can look it up and see just where he or she is ..I know that some kids that are abducted may not have thier shoes on but I think it's one heck of a great idea to protect our children .....
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    I don't know all the answers...wish I did. I just know that to many children are being abused and murdered by parents and step parents. Here are my ideas, feel free to add to them or debate why they would not work.
    1. Prior to issuing a marriage license, to people that have children from another marriage,
    a mandatory 2 week Parenting Class must be attended by both parents. Attendance must be 100 percent and if the class is not passed, no marriage license will be approved. The cost of the class is payed by the parties attending. ( Children are worth the cost)
    2. In every single Hospital and clinic in the nation there should be signs explaining the Safe Haven Law. In every single Labor and Delivery Room there should be a sign and information readily available about the Safe Haven Laws and upon dishcharge the nurse that is discharging the Mother, along with at home care the nurse should also explain The Safe Haven Law as well as Hot Line numbers that the new Mother can access when she is feeling overwhelmed with her new baby.
    As far as abductions go....
    My DD had a baby on Monday. In this particular hospital The Mother, The Father and The Baby were issued wristbands. If the "wristbands" moved beyond a certain point, doors automatically shut, silent alarms go off and the whole hospital is on lock down.
    DD and Husband found out how well the system worked. Her nurse told them to take a walk to relieve some discomfort she was having and apparantly the new parents went beyond the boundries and security and nurses were there in seconds.
    Good program to say the least.

    1.4 percent of child abductions are strangers.
    About 98 percent are abducted through personal contacts.

    Good check list......

    •Does your child understand that he or she should never get in the car with anyone but Mom or Dad?
    •If you must send someone else to pick up your child, do you have a secret code word? Does your child know to always ask for that code word (while standing a safe distance from the vehicle) before getting into anyone else’s car – even if it is a neighbor?
    •Does your child know not to get into cars or go into houses of neighbors he or she doesn’t know very well? (Go over a list of acceptable neighbors.)
    •Does your child know to never use a public restroom alone?
    •Does your child know it is okay to say “no” to adults?
    •Does your child know never exit an area (such as a store, the mall, or the zoo), even if the person helping asks him or her to step outside?
    •Does your child know the body parts that are unacceptable for others to touch?
    •Does your child know to shout “no” or “stop” if someone touches him or her inappropriately?
    •Does your child know to trust his or her instincts and that even if your child makes a bad choice with an innocent stranger, you will support him or her?
    •Does your child know that even trusted people shouldn’t ask him or her to do something that makes him or her uncomfortable?
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    We can speculate on a thousand different scenarios where you have tought your child about not doing this or that . In my oppinion Sometimes it just does not matter what you teach them..theres no defense for some sicko with a box full of kittens or puppies the kids see that and all your work went out the window . In my oppinion and yes its hard to do and not 100 percent proof but it can and should be 99 percent proof and thats very simple you do not let your child out of your sight .I have an eight year old daughter and even though nothing really bad happens where i live in ontario If my girl thats 8 wants to go outside and play with some friends I and every parent should be right outside with them give them a little distance but in eye sight for sure and ya thier are times that she gets right pissed off because she cant play how she wants to play but guess what I feel for her when she is mad at me but at the same time tough **** ,It only takes one time a few minutes and one time and thier gone and its not like missing a movie where you know you can come back tommorow and see it again .That one time just may be the one and only time you ever see your child again. To me thats enough to encentive to be a pain in her ass by being that mean parent because they want thier privacy when they are outside playing ..Ill play the mean dad 24/7/365 if it means she will never have something bad happen to her .If they all wanna come inside and play go nuts ill then give them the privacy and they can ransack the house but ill know she is ok and i will wake up to have another day with her,,,And meaning no disrespect at all It dont matter what you teach them because if they are say walking home from school and you live a block away and someone does stop It really doesn't matter what u tought her or even if she is doing what you said right If some sicko wants her he's gonna get her , So no matter what exsperts say to teach your child to get away , yes by all means practice it but to make sure simply dont ever let them that far out of your sight cause life i said if something happens you are almoust guaranteed that that one time , that one misteak will cost you for the rest of you life.....
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