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    Arrow CA - Boaz Zino, 22, Oakland, 3 Jan 1999

    Boaz Zino went missing while on leave from US Army training.
    He was last seen aboard a bus in Oakland,Ca with plans to apparently visit relatives in SF.
    His family hired a private detective in 2001 to help search for him and apparently, a man resembling him was spotted in Berkeley, CA homeless shelters but was gone by the time the private detective could find him.




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    So has anyone heard any new info on this particular case?

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    The most recent thing I can find is from 2007.


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    Boaz is still missing

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    Interesging...I put his name in fb and came to a page with last public update this past Sunday. The picture looks like the missing Boaz and there is a mole as well. I don't know if this is his real page or not but looks like someone is thinking of him.

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    This is an ugly URL but I'm not sure how else to link this information. There is, in a magazine excerpt that is imaged on Google, an interview with Boaz's mother about her search for her son:


    She sounds wise. I teared up at the last paragraph. She says, when his photograph was recognized by some homeless folks in San Francisco but she wasn't able to find him when she went there herself, that "I did find a kind of closure. I knew I could be walking the streets he walked, breathing the air he breathed. Now I realize that maybe he did run away and finding him might be more my need than his."

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