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    TX - Bertha Bradley, 69, set ablaze, dies of injuries, Lubbock, 9 May 2011



    May 23, 2011

    Bertha Bradley died Monday from injuries sustained two weeks earlier when, police say, her son set her on fire after dousing her with gasoline.

    Authorities say George Bradley set his mother on fire in her apartment May 9 before he terrorized several teachers with a knife at the nearby Rise Academy charter school.

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    Very sad. The family said they knew he was violent and unstable and they begged a local mental health facility to keep him longer, the mental health ward told them to take him to the Salvation Army.

    The Salvation Army? As if those folks have the expertise and staff able to deal with violent schizophrenics?

    This country puts so much of its "welfare" dollars in the wrong place, it is terribly sad for the families that really try to get help for a deranged loved one and can't find help anywhere. It is also sad and unfair to the perpetrator, when they get put on drugs and regain some of their sanity they have to deal the horrible act they committed against a loved one.

    Article here: http://www.macon.com/2011/05/10/1556...-say-they.html
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    Bradley indicted on murder charge for mother's death

    (no date, time or by line listed)

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