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    BIG HOLES in the defense theory

    I know there are many but a few that really got me is.......... The jail house tapes, didn't Cindy mention the drowning in the pool thing, and Casey said no....IF George was holding Caylee and KC came around the corner and grabbed Caylee, then how did Caylee get from KC's arms to Kronk to hide? Back to the jail house tapes, KC wanted to talk to George alone and she wasn't scared or afraid.........What holes do you see in their version of events?

    At it's core, the defense counsel's motion accuses the undersigned of being a "self aggrandizing media hound". Indeed. The irony is rich.

    Motion granted.

    Stan Strickland
    Circuit Judge

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    Chloroform, neighbors seeing her backed into the garage, borrowing the shovel, computer searches, cell phone pings placing her back at the house time and time again

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    Kronk stealing Caylee's body. Huge problem with that: From where did he take it?

    GA helping to cover up Caylee's death: Why didn't Baez ask GA where Caylee's remains originally lay?

    GA sexually abusing KC: Why didn't Baez at least ask GA about it on cross?

    The big hole in the opening statement is that Baez ignored it, when he should have locked GA in, if Baez's version of events were true. Not that it had any merit to begin with, but he negated his own opening statement; it's worthless now, for sure.

    Not to mention Baez's opening statement ignored KC happily prancing around Orlando for 31 days.

    My opinions.

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    Duct tape and other evidence

    as SA says only ICA had access to all the evidence. To intersect all these other people with the evidence will require convuluted macinations that will not hold up to scrutiny. I didn't have a chance to listen today so can't speak to more specifics but I appreciate everyone who has been closely following the testimony.

    Three things cannot long be hidden the sun, the moon, and the truth. -Confucious

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    Why is she still in jail? It was "a common accident". Why didn't her attorney advise her to tell the truth? So she could go home. Would you sit in jail while all these vile things are said about you? I know I wouldn't IFFFFFF my baby accidentally died.

    Everyone else is out to get ICA, but her attorney "who is fighting for her life" is letting her sit in jail while he gets his 15 min of fame.

    That is the biggest glaring hole for me.

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    1. How did Kronk get body.
    2. How did Kronk get tape, laundry bag.
    3. Computer searches.
    4. Why wait 31 days to report accident.
    5. Why would parents set her up for death penalty.
    6. Party pics while mourning.
    7. Video from Blockbuster.
    8. EPIC FAIL on linking sexual abuse to motive to sit on death row.

    Oh, and if waiting 31 days to tell the truth was bad -- well over 3 years will work.

    I will say, all the folks looking on Suburban drive has always bothered me and I have wondered if GA helped her dispose of body but it is still a death in the commission of a felony - that being child neglect and that is still 1st degree murder. JMHO, of course.
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    The DT has represented to the jury that the only people KC lied to were her family, which isn't true. She has been lying to her friends all along as well (work, school). How do you explain that away?

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    IMO, if KC was really abused by GA and/or LA, why would she EVER allow Caylee to be babysat by any of them? And why would she leave Caylee in GA care for any amount of time on the 16th? This has "Another KC lie" written all over it.

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    ??? Why a million billion lies if it was an accidental drowning where the child rose early before anyone else and let herself out to the pool? Not one single reason. None. Not logical. Not reasonable. Not rational. And for three years carrying it to this extreme? No way. That is one HUGE hole with swimming pool water draining out of it.

    Hole no. 2-when Casey wanted only one visitor, whom was that visitor, do we all remember? It was George she wanted above all others...So, I seriously doubt she would ask for her abuser and rapist in this instance.

    Hole no 3. EVERY WORD that was said about Roy Kronk. That was almost science fiction type stuff there. Magic and science fiction rolled into one.

    Hole no. 4. Cindy. She rules that roost with an iron fist, and everyone there knows it. George would not have dared to step out of line with Casey and have to face the wrath of Cindy. Heck, he stood down to her wishes when she said don't pursue this thing about Casey not having a job. He is a follower, not a leader, and he certainly does not fit the profile of an abuser. He has been abused as much as anyone I think.

    Hole no. 5. Duct tape. Chloroform. Lies. Lies. Lies. Zanny the Nanny. The stench of death in the car. (Ok, so there are a BUNCH of holes haha)

    ABC provided $200,000.00 to
    Casey Anthonys defense!
    The MURDERED should not be USED to pay for the MURDERERS DEFENSE!

    American Tragedy: The defense of Casey Anthony.

    Juror No. 11 somehow made the journey from Casey is the one on trial to George may be a murderer, based on how George acted on the stand? 3 years of evidence against Casey and he throws George under the bus. Makes sense?
    What evidence indicated that George might be a murderer? Anyone?
    Weren't they to ONLY consider EVIDENCE?
    This NOT GUILTY verdict throws Caylee right back into the swamp she decomposed in. Thanks to this "impartial" jury.

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    JB's opening statement kind of confused me, and I'm hoping someone can clarify. Is he saying that George is the one who disposed of the body? That George is the one who placed the tape on Caylee's nose and mouth? If George did that, wouldn't he have told ICA where he dumped the body? Then why does JB have this whole story, but says we'll never know where the body was, originally? What, ICA just left that little detail out of the story she told him? If ICA dumped the body, wouldn't she have told JB WHERE? And how the heck would Kronk be in a position to find a body dumped by ICA and/or George, hide it, then dump it in a swamp? These are the all the holes I see.. main one being that JB cannot state where Kronk supposedly found the body.

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    Prosecution won't have any problem poking holes in the DT's case. They accomplished that on their own. jmo

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    Why the tape and heart sticker on the remains? Why the smell of dead boy in KC's car? Why the search for Caylee? Why the big search? Why would GA spend so much time trying to get KC to talk? The jailhouse videos, why was KC so cold and admant about a Nanny?

    Lies, lies, lies.
    “This fog is not so deep that it stops you from attempting to fabricate evidence, right??” Juan Martinez

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    Imo: I watched caseys face as Beaz said how George molested Casey, she looked shocked and she kept shaking her head as saying no. Casey looked so Shocked when beaz said how her daddy put his... in her mouth and shook her head no and started crying: Now to my thoughts here, I really do not think Casey knew this was going to be said? I think this trial belongs to Beaz all alone and Beaz has made this all up and Casey is just hearing it all now. Could this be true. Could Beaz looking for fame and $ throw Casey, Cindy & George all under the bus with made up lies? Remember in the begining Casey was going to tell LE, and Beaz stopped her? Yes, I believe Caylee died at the hands of Casey, but could Beaz have changed what was into all lies and Casey not know all this until court day? Beaz would not even allow Casey to speak to her parents for what, 3 years now. What way Beaz afraid of when he would not let Casey talk with her parents?

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    Quote Originally Posted by newsjunkie View Post
    Why is she still in jail? It was "a common accident". Why didn't her attorney advise her to tell the truth? So she could go home. Would you sit in jail while all these vile things are said about you? I know I wouldn't IFFFFFF my baby accidentally died.

    Everyone else is out to get ICA, but her attorney "who is fighting for her life" is letting her sit in jail while he gets his 15 min of fame.

    That is the biggest glaring hole for me.
    Exactly...can you say ri-di-cu-lous?? I cannot comprehend why anyone would sit in protective custody for 3 years, hoping to not get the Death penalty, and allow the Florida Taxpayers to pay a huge attorney bill over an "accident."

    None of this makes any sense. A 22 year old young woman who had been abused by her male family members would get outta da house ASAP after turning 18 and would certainly not allow the perpetrators to babysit!

    Plus, any attorney would not let their client sit in jail like that so they could go to a DP trial hoping for an acquittal.

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    One of the "biggest holes" I see by the DT used in the opening today is when JB made the allegation that GA had his "p****" in ICA's mouth when she was 8 years old" ... This statement made by JB still has me "reeling" !

    There is NO proof -- NO medical or psychiatric expert to back this up -- NOTHING ! ONLY ICA -- so she will have to "take the stand" -- and WHO would believe her ? After all the "fairy tales" she has told over and over ... NO WAY the Jury will buy it !

    My Opinion Only ... the A's may NOT be the "Cleavers", but I do NOT believe this allegation at all ... NO WAY JOSE !

    IF .. IF -- this were true, Cindy would have known and done something about it a LONG LONG TIME AGO !

    Jose did NOT win the Jury's sympathy with this "sexual abuse allegation" -- he INSULTED the Jury's intelligence on this one !!!

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