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    who has the defense thrown under the bus? **LIST ONLY**

    current under the bus listing:

    1) GA: defense says he knew Caylee died, covered it up, did something with his duct tape (unknown) and threw his own daughter under the bus.. also defense says he ignored her pregnancy and also abused her... Baez at one point says that George put his Pe**S in her mouth before she went to school

    2) LA: he also according to the defense sexually abused ICA

    3) CA: they say SHE left the ladder down for the ALLEGED ACCIDENTAL POOL DROWNING.

    4) Roy Kronk: oh yeah.. he evidently moved the body (from where ever he allegedly found it)... peed in a bunch of places and finally called it in to get reward money

    5) investigators: (dominic casey et al) they were also thrown under the bus.. I took a break at this point as the ***** was getting so deep

    6) Cadaver dogs: you bet.. they went right under the bus along with their handlers... ((grill of the bus at this point has multiple bodies stuck to the undercarriage)

    7) LE: also thrown under the bus... they didn't according to the defense do the right sort of in depth investigation into the pool ladder, GA, roy K, etc..

    8) whaa whaa whaaaa... bus is coming for you too Gail St John Psychic! you too were thrown under the bus! (God knows why)

    9) am I really on 9? dang I forgot

    but for the brief synopsis EVERYONE WAS THROWN UNDER THE BUS...

    ((((((((barf buckets not supplied.. read at your own risk)))))))))))))))

    10) media

    11) family apple tree
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    I might add the state has only thrown casey under the bus... (((sits on hands...agrees.. wants to say more inappropriate things but sits. on. hands. ))))

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    All of the TES searchers lied about the Suburban drive site being under water. Ya sure.

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    Yep ... the "busses" were rolling today !

    The one that got me the "most" was the "cadaver dogs" ! That is what I would call "desparation" by the DT !

    Oh ... and here are some busses for tomorrow ... the ones from today need a fill-up and a tune-up ...

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    Well according to JB GA is throwing Casey under the bus and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree so he must mean that Casey is throwing GA under the bus right back.

    That was a hilarious statement by him today

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