ould curry-flavored toothpaste help you snap out of your slumber of a morning? And could collagen-laced soup be the answer to those bags under the eyes? A new generation of household and food products could turn conventional tastes and routines upside down, according to a report by market research firm Mintel.

The report suggests that instead of the jarring tones of an alarm clock, consumers could soon be waking up to a precisely-timed waft of lemon-mint or eucalyptus-mint.

Products like the "Wake up Arome," recently launched in Japan, could also be programmed to release welcoming scents after a day in the office or a calming fragrance just before bedtime, Mintel's David Jago said.

And a bewildering array of 31 differently flavored toothpastes, ranging from cafe au lait to Indian curry awaits the adventurous consumer who tries out the Breath Palette, also from Japan.

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