Not sure if I spelled his name right? Corrections welcome!

This is a good summary of his testimony on 5/25/2011

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Casey went outside when she was on the phone.

Casey would shop, do laundry, cook, once she "moved in."

CC had an apple pc.

Casey had a pc laptop.

Everyone used their own pcs.

She seemed happy, excited about life.

Social? once or twice, at a friends apt. doesn't remember the second time.

Never met G or C. Never went to hopespring drive.

No clothing or toys in June for Caylee. One book.

Never told him Caylee was missing or asked for help finding her.

July 15, not there when CA came and got Casey.

Met Lee that night. Lee seemed calm, but worried.

Lee picked up Casey's bag from TL's bedroom.

No contact after that night with Lee or Casey.

Cross exam now.

Were you in Casey's home on June 16 when Caylee drowned? no