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    New information on phone records


    Voice of LM: “Looking for my son, Gabriel Johnson”

    Logan Mcqueary has lived the last 17 months of his life, “maybe they saw something,” looking for his son. “I love you, wherever you’re at, I hope you come home safe.” Searching for answers, trying to find out what his ex girlfriend did with their only son GJ when she hid from M in SA back in 2009. In that time a lot has happened.

    Nancy Grace: “Police have now state they are working a parallel investigation, a missing child and a homicide.”

    SAPD Chief Mcmanus: “Hopefully nothing will turn up in the landfill, we’ll locate him somewhere else.”

    EJ in court: (male voice) “tell the court when the last time you saw your child was.” EJ “I invoke my right to remain silent (in tears).”

    SAPDs lead detective in the case, Jesse Salame believes the child is dead. The question now, is Gabriel dead?

    KG: “And the answer to that is very simple. There is no evidence because she didn’t kill the baby. “

    Ken Gamble, the PI from Australia who was hired by the McQueary family believes the answers to where Gabriel is, are obvious. But SAPD is looking in the wrong direction. “The homicide detectives in San Antonio were obsessed with the fact that this case was a homicide.”

    In jailhouse interviews weeks after Gabriel’s disappearance, even Elizabeth Johnson thought police could find her son by investigating the couple who had wanted to adopt Gabriel, Tammi and Jack Smith.

    Voice of EJ: “I don’t understand how you can’t prove it. All the evidence has to lead to that. The phone calls and everything I don’t understand how it doesn’t lead to that. Everything she’s done.”

    KG: “Well the phone records tell the story that Jack and Tammi Smith were trying very hard to assist Elizabeth while she was in Texas to move Gabriel. There were arrangements being made to take Gabriel out of the state.”

    Gamble, who analyzed the phone calls, says you see a flurry of calls between Jack Smith, his grown son’s, and his brother in Nashville. Johnson told detectives as she spoke to Tammi Smith, her husband Jack was in the background, making arrangements for the pickup.

    KG: “There were 2 occasions when JS was talking to his son in Nashville, at the exact same time that Elizabeth was talking to Tammi. This was no social call. There was a high level of planning going on.”

    Police know Gabriel was well and with his mother until the 26th. The morning of the 27th, is when Johnson says she went to the park as she was instructed by the Smiths. Johnson supports her statement that she was told the name of the streets to take to get to Raymond Rimkus Park. The handoff was scheduled for 10am.

    KG: “The most compelling evidence of all is on the day, on Dec 27th there were 11 phone calls between Jack and his son in Nashville. There was 1 telephone call at 10 minutes past 10am, at the exact same time that Gabriel was being carried out of that park.

    Gamble says that SAPD has no evidence that Gabriel was killed. But they do have a lot of evidence, phone records, that lead you to believe that Gabriel may be alive, and being hidden, by someone.

    KG: “It is certainly my belief that these people in Nashville, these relatives of Jack Smith were responsible for the disappearance of Gabriel Johnson.”

    LM: “It really hurts and I don’t know you know. I’ve thought about it that way that I may never see him again.

    KG: “The way it stands right now, the police will never solve this case unless they start looking at those phone records in more detail.

    Yami Virgin, Fox news at 9.
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    I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.
    ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Gabriel Johnson and Sylar Newton. Come home safely Gabriel Johnson! RIP Sweet Sylar.

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