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    the Plains & Jordan-Hare stadium

    Tony Lazzaro's testimony


    Quote Originally Posted by wenwe4 View Post
    AL on stand, lived in Long Island his whole life, except when attended fullsail, BSA in Music Business, works @ Best Buy & interning @ a record label. lived @ 2 places in Orlando, May/June/July) . . .Sutton.

    Nate was waiting for his lease to end . . looking for places to live with Nate to move to. Fullsail . . . semesters are almost every month, schedules can be consistent or change, labs or classes are 4 hour increments . . . schedules were not consistent . . morning class 9-1 then evening lab or evening class . . . do anything pertaining to that month, learning equipment, etc. Received a Macbook pro . . . took upon himself to set up a small business . . . dj'ing, he and Clint wanted to start their own company, nightlife promotion . . . can't remember the name. DBC Entertainment . . . the promoters were from Deerfield Beach County. Started with Clint (Roy) before, went to Fusion, met with the owner approached him said hey we are dj's have experience, have some contact with other promotion companys, do a Friday night. We were in talks in the end of May and started in June . . . taking classes @ same time. Own a Jeep Grand Cherokee '97.
    in May 08 met kc @ met her on FB friend request . . .I found her through FB people in your area or one that goes to school in your area . . she seemed cool . . . friend request . . .
    I don't remember . . . talked through FB for a period of time . .. I can't recall . . .first met in person @ my friend's birthday . . .Dan Howard . . end of May .starting up my DJ company, throwing a party . . .sent invites to everyone on FB . . . whole point of that to get people to go. When she responded I expected her to be @ the party . . . I believe I learned she had a child . . . I can't recall her name (at that time) she was a toddler . . . first impressions . . .pretty girl . . showed up with 2 of her friends. . we hit it off. Don't recall what we talked about that first night . . .that night went well . . . made plans shortly after to meet again . . . started seeing her regularly . . . she would come over and show up to my apartment. She would come over a couple of times when this first started . . couple times a week . . . first time she came over she brought her daughter . . . we went to the pool . . .she brought her daughter over and went down by the pool
    Objection overruled.

    At my apt. complex on June 2, Arden Villas is not ringing a bell too much . . . inviting her to a pool party shortly after Daniels party . . .she attended alone that party . . kc didn't stay over @ his apartment at end of may or beginning of June, she drove white pontiac,
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    State just asked tony what did Casey have with her when he picked her up to go to the A's for gas, Tony said Casey had a backpack. Why didn't state ask what kind of backpack, a childs backpack or Caseys backpack?
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    Back from my lunch break . . .
    TL on stand
    KC talked about how she was going to get the A home and move out with AH, don't remember exactly but relavant to that time frame . . kc was going to live with AH, I don't recall at that point in time anything about her saying anything about Mom or Dad, by 18th of June . . don't remember if kc and I were sharing secrets . . . new relationship . .. .June 19th look for another apartment . .. June 20th Fusion . . .kc went with TL . . . hip hop showcase . . . on 20th there was a Hot Body Contest that happened, don't remember if it was promoted beforehand but it was a last minute decision . . .more or less enough people to have contest . . .I wasn't present for the contest . . . I was told she wanted to do it . . .if you want to do it . . .do it . . . kc told me that (Objection overruled) . . I may have hesitated for a second but if she wanted to do it . . . TL's showcase . . his role was nothing got out of hand . . . no one harrassing the bar tenders . . . head security for the night . . .he didn't entertain . . . picture on screen (BR identified) photo of Hot Body Contest going on . .. recognize kc wearing a blue dress . . . same dress she came to showcase in . . .Clint (Roy) House was singing . . I was present when this was going on . . . June 20, 2008. Objections by DT previous objection . . .
    HHBP noted previous objections . overruled . . .publish to the jury

    Mr. George . . did you notice any difference in kc's demeanor?
    A No Sir
    not missing, kidnapped, actively looking for her, needed help, something happened to her . . . NOPE! (he means No)

    TL had a lot of different phone numbers . . . 631 in it. changed numbers for media harrassment. Hip Hop Showcase was a success . . . kc came home with him . . . June 23rd . . . kc notified TL she ran out of gas in mid to late afternoon . . .TL was home, been at class that morning . . .she ran out of gas need to be picked up . . didn't sound frantic/scared/worried/angry. She asked for help, went to where she told me was , main road going south toward her house, TL believes he talked to her on the phone while going to get her . . . KC on the street with a backpack. Can't remember if he saw backpack before . . . she had gas at her house. . . went to her house to get gas . . never been there before . . she directed TL . . .driving Jeep . . . no other cars in driveway . . . to backyard. She opened garage . . keypad or garage opener . . . no other cars in garage . . . I can't remember if went through the house to the back yard . . .don't recall being inside A home . .. went to side of house to a shed, had open the shed, there was a lock . . . didn't have a key . . .break the lock with a tire iron from my truck . . .I was concerned about doing this . .. I asked if she was sure . . .she said Yes it's my Shi*!" Got a tire iron out broke the lock and took 2 gas cans, had gas in them, grabbed gas cans put in my truck, kc put gas into the car . . . kc put cans in the trunk . . .pontiac white . . .TL saw her put gas cans in trunk. . . TL couldn't see inside of trunk when she opened trunk. They went to his apartment . .. kc not concerned with breaking into shed . . .she was ok . . her mood was ok ..spent the rest evening with her . . telephone calls TL wasnt present when she was on phone. . .she would go out side . . sometimes you could see her walking around out near retention pond and grassy area. Found it odd (yes & No) didn't question it, private matter with her Mom to take phone outside. Never change in mood after speaking with her Mother .. . never got details what they spoke of. KC did say she would go call the babysitter . . .she would go outside to use the phone. Arguments with her mom don't remember any specific . .. not drastically change . .. altercation with your parents but not a severe one . . . I didn't want to inquire it wasn't my business.

    It wasnt until later when I went back to NY for vacation June 30 - July 5th, after came back talked to kc about her home life.

    June 26, 08 spent day w/kc . . .nothing specific . . hanging @ apartment . . .
    June 27 '08 another occassion kc ran out of gas . . .midday or right before midday . . .she was at an Amscot @ end of Goldenrod Rd. Picked up kc @ Amscot - never got out of car . .. she was outside of car . . bags & groceries were outside the car.

    She said her car broke down, kc said not need his help, her Father would take care of it. . . went back to apartment dropped off groceries then went to Fashion Square Mall.

    SA approaching with another stipulation . . . requires JB signature . . .State and Defense agree that JC Penny video is true and factual. Previous marked LF . . . JCP video (I have not seen this previously)

    DT objection relevance . . and previous objections
    HHBP overrulled and noted . . . publish States #9

    video shows kc at a sales counter . . hands the clerk something (a shoe?) clerk puts it in computer hands it back . . .kc leaves drops & kc . . . kc runs card . . .puts away in her wallet . . clerk runs transaction . . . video ends.

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    So he is saying that KC did NOT stay over at his place or is he disputing the timeline?
    I'm just sayin...

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    TL thinks this was June 27th he was wearing a tie for the first couple of nights doing the promotions . . . stopped wearin them . . . pictures objections by DT overruled .. . publish

    Picture of kc in black dress (wearing beads) with TL behind her
    no mention of Caylee missing, needing help kidnapped, nor herself being hurt.

    kc drove TL & cameron in her jeep . . . he drove to the airport . . .she was to drop his car off @ sutton place . . . not any agreement/discussion allow kc to use TL's car . . .her Dad was supposed to have taken care of her car. TL didn't expect kc to use his car. pointed out kc and wearing . . . blue blouse.

    JB objects . . .

    Nothing more from SA from this witness . . . subject to recall


    Jb: asking about photographs . . . death penalty case for KC . . .
    SA Objection
    HHBP sustained
    JB when photos first introduced did kc talk about murder she had committed, going to commit in future, have weapons, knives, guns in her dress,

    2nd photo . . .talk about murdering anyone that day, talk about murdering Caylee

    JCP . . . same questions. . . borrrow knives or guns from anyone? Ducttape

    (all answers NO)

    JB buy any duct tape, plastic bags, chloroform, weapons, knives, sporting goods dept and look at guns? (NO)

    buy weapons @ blockbuster .. .snag a boxcutter? talk about murdering anyone or previously committed, . . buy any duct tape . . .any tape laying around . . . (NO)

    how many times did you see kc with Caylee . . .2 or 3 times . . . TL liked Caylee . . saw kc be attentive to Caylee not neglecting . . . never wearing dirty clothing, not going with out food, she was a good mother . . . Objection (sustaineed)

    incident on June 2, 08 went w/kc & Caylee to pool and spent time together . . . incident where kc had to discipline Caylee? Not that I recall.

    JB: (flipping through pages apologise)

    TL wants more specific about discipline . .. raised her lvoice @ Caylee (don't recall that it happened by the pool). JB wants to show statement to LE given 9/18/08. Bates stamp 1653.

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    TL said KC stopped Caylee from getting near the pool had yelled @ Caylee to stop too close to pool.

    Jb: Mr. George asked you about sharing secrets . . . . JB asking . . . objection . . .sustained on hearsay . . . JB needs a moment

    (HERE IS THE KICKER . . . KC needs to take the stand or it is hearsay IMO)
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    JB asking for it to be admitted . . . not hearsay . . . an admission . . .
    HHBP . . . it's also self-serving . . .sustained.

    TL only spoke to LE, never spoke to media, didn't speak to DT, never sold photos or made money off of this. . . First time kc ran out of gas . . . she could have gotten the lock broken but she is a girl . . . JB says she weighs 105# wet . . . TL says give or take . . .got 2 gas cans drove to her car . . . she didn't say stay away from my car . . not blocking in anyway from getting near her trunk . . .she poured gas can into tank . . .TL standing next to kc . . . more than 2' . . .

    crossexamination he is leading

    TL said after 2nd gas can opening trunk . . . gas in car . . . she put them away in the trunk . . . didn't smell any stench in that car . . .before after or during, but I wasn't in the car. she had keys to her car . .. eventually drove it away . . . didn't put cans in backseat or front seat but the trunk of car.

    JB fumbling for something . . .

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    TL came down for this trial . . it would be a hardship for him to come back . . . JB wants to introduce a photo vs. having him come back . . . approach .
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    Did Casey look at TL to see if he was watching her when she stood up? He was still on the witness stand.

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    Not really sure what happened here folks . . HHBP said could not show the pictures to the jury . . . court has the numbers of Defense Q on these pictures . . . JB shows picture . . .he sees gas station next to Amscot.

    (sorry I was interrupted . . . missed some)

    JB time where you saw KC . . .

    first time kc ran out of gas . . . don't remember which statement it was that TL gave . . . a lot of things going on at the time . . .

    JB says he needs 20 more minutes for Cross . . . They will bring TL back tomorrow. They will recess for the evening . . . .Jurors have agreed to work on witness on Memorial Day . . . building is scheduled to be closed . . . has to check with the county re: budget. Other factors . . . 3 other budgets affected . . . don't know if witnesess are available. . . HHBP doesn't think they will be bored on Monday . . .planning activities . . . unless they chose to confine to whatever hotel they are staying at. Good evening . . . .

    913 users in this thread
    488 members and 425 guests !!

    Guests . . . please sign in and give us a your comments . . . just be kind and don't name call or be rude. We love hearing new voices! The water is fine and the mods are kind.

    TL still on the stand . . . let him go.
    CM wanting to give a matter of Law to the court, any issues must bring up first thing in the morning or you will have to wait until first recess . . . .court recessed until 9:00 am.

    brought over from trial thread . . . thread got closed before court was officially adjourned.
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    From what I've seen so far, I am NOT impressed with Tony Lazzaro. His "nope" answers and his attitude has totally turned me off. He acts like he doesn't respect the attorneys during questioning.

    Too much 'tude for me!
    "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!" MLK, Jr.

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    I am very concerned about the States case. They seem to be plodding along very slow and are very boring. They need to pick it up and make it more interesting. They are also making a big mistake by ignoring Baez' contention that Caylee was already dead. They need to somehow address this throughout the trial. Ignoring the defense's position and pretending it doesn't exist is a mistake. There may be 1 or 2 jurors or more that believe his contention. And if Caylee was dead and they admitte there was no zanny then all that they are trying to prove is moot. They need to adjust their case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trapshooter View Post
    From what I've seen so far, I am NOT impressed with Tony Lazzaro. His "nope" answers and his attitude has totally turned me off. He acts like he doesn't respect the attorneys during questioning.

    Too much 'tude for me!
    But he did clean up nice, that surprised me! Some respect for the court vs. the way Lee & Mallory, and even George dress for court.
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    Tony L was his usual arrogant self today. I just really don't like him. He seems to not be that much different than he was in his deposition, maybe only a little bit better. I bet he's not happy with having to come back tomorrow. I hope that doesn't affect his testimony.

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    Tony is making KC look even worse, IMO. He comes off as arrogant, uncaring, cocky, smug... and this is what she was attracted to and this is the reason she killed her child? If that were my daughter, I'd be horrified by her taste in men. If I were on the jury, I'd be horrified by her taste in men.

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